Do aliens exist AND Did any of our religions and/or "God" stem from alien contact?


Yeah…I know. I know. :rolleyes:

I guess I’ve been watching the History Channel too much lately or something, but I’m naturally insecure and this has been really bothering me recently!!!

So I’m seriously am serious about the question in the title! :mad:


Hi Lorence,
Yes, you watched the History Channel too much :wink: . But there is a way to put this, if God created all the world, He created also the aliens… if they exists. So we have to be careful not confuse a creature with the Creator!

A second point, if the God concept would have stem from an alien meeting a human would be a very short time concept, and a very isolated one from geographical point of view, to say so, would be an exception in the history of humanity! But religion is spread worldwide, and is a continuous presence in our history. So has to be related more with the human nature and his need of understanding life, of finding a meaning of life and death.

A third point, if God would be an alien thing, what a lost of time would be religion, would have nothing to do with the daily life!!! But, if you searched for a meaning of your own life, and this meaning is not fulfilled by the existence of an alien creature, I think we are at a good point. You cannot make yourself a “God” from that creature… as you cannot make it from any other creature.

No creature can respond to our desire, infinite desire of life, of meaning for our life, of truth, of goodness, of justice. If there is so, God should be somebody else, as He gave answers to so many in this direction!
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Divine Revelation does not tell us that God created any other beings excapt humans and Angels.


Erich von Daniken’s fantasies about extraterrestrial visitors all revolve around this format: Some feature exists in an ancient human civilization which (according to von Daniken) cannot be explained as a normal technological development, so presto! It becomes proof of extraterrestrial visitors, embellished with a hearty portion of von Daniken’s imagination. The author, Clifford Wilson, shows how many of the things cited by von Daniken are either outright fantasy, or can be readily explained by then-current technology and without extraterrestrial visitors. It is a shame that so many people are unaware of the technical achievements of ancient “pre-scientific” peoples.

Crash Go the Chariots (Paperback)
by Clifford Wilson (Author)

I don’t see why they call it the history channell when they are showing such nonsense.


How on earth could any of us know the answer :slight_smile: ?

If it is the case, there would be no way to tell. End of story. (Not that I believe in any of that alien stuff - I don’t.)


As an aside, there have only been a couple mentions of aliens by Church authorities (that I know of). Pope St. Zachary condemned the idea that there are human beings on other worlds (since all humans must come from Adam), but the bishop of Paris a few hundred years later, based on scholastic theology, explained that God *could have *created life on other worlds (but He did not create humans on those worlds).


Do aliens exist?

Not in the sense that people down in Roswell NM think.

The closest star to Earth is about four light years away (10,000 earth years given current technology of earth). It is ridiculously improbable to assent to the stories about “alien visitors” to earth.

I’m an Air Force space operations officer. I’ve worked in deep space tracking for years. Despite many wild and varied testimonies to the contrary, there are no alien visitors from other planets coming into earth’s orbit.

I’m thinking that if aliens do exist, they are in the form of microbes at best.


Wow. Everyone sort of made short work of this thread!

Yes, I’ve read about Carl Sagan and how he said that it would take an inordinate amount of resources for alien-thingies to reach us even once a year, but still…

I’ve heard such a fuss about aliens *really existing *on a “Back-Fence” thread that I thought I’d address the matter in a more serious arena, as well as its implications. Simply put, it’s seems quite logical that if aliens exist and they can keep a low (or at least a plausibley-deniable profile) *and *if aliens have advanced technology, then couldn’t it be plausible that aliens “got us started” as well as Jesus and religion goes?

The reason I say it is because it seems to be a much more testable hypothesis than any other hypothesis is about God, so at the very least I’d like have a good discussion about it.


In a way, God is alien. Alien is by definition “Unfamiliar”, and everyone alive today has not met God, or made any contact with him, so we are all unfamiliar to him.

As for God belonging to this plane of existence as a being of flesh and bone, it sounds very, very unlikely. I do believe aliens exist, but they would also be creations of God.

Remember, only God has the power to create.


It is the “if” in the above sentence that jumps out at me. For example, let me re-word your statement replacing the word “aliens” with “unicorns” and perhaps you’ll see my point better:

it’s seems quite logical that if unicorns exist and they can keep a low (or at least a plausibley-deniable profile) *and *if unicorns have advanced technology, then couldn’t it be plausible that unicorns “got us started” as well as Jesus and religion goes?

Low-profile, high technology aliens have just as much convincing evidence as the genesis of mankind and Christianity as do low-profile, high technology unicorns. :rolleyes:


Woody Allen once said something to the effect that, the majority of the people who are hoping to communicate with aliens from other planets would probably get lost in Chinatown.

In other words, let’s learn how to communicate with other human beings who have many things in common with us, before we get carried away trying to communicate with beings who have absolutely nothing in common with us.

If there are such things as aliens, they are proving their superior intelligence by hiding from us, since they have most likely seen how we treat those who are even just a little bit different than ourselves. :stuck_out_tongue:

I doubt that aliens are responsible for religion, and God is certainly not an alien. God created all that is seen and unseen, including aliens, if there are any.


If we mistook ETs for gods when we encountered them, we must have had a notion about gods before ETs made contact with us. The gods of pagan religions are just as flawed as we are, since they have been created in the image of men. The God of the Judaic-Christian tradition is infinitely perfect and becomes more incomprehensible to us in His mysterious Being the more we try to comprehend His substance and essence and ways.

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By the term “aliens” let’s assume beings capable of making moral choices, having intellect, emotion, and a will. First, a few scientific facts:

  • Men have sent spacecraft to every planet in our solar system, except Pluto. After observing these planets we have ruled out all but Mars and possibly a moon of Jupiter as being able to support life.

  • In 1976, the U.S. sent two landers to Mars. Each had instruments that could dig into the Martian sand and analyze it for any sign of “life.” They found absolutely nothing. If you dug from the most barren desert on earth, or dug through the most frozen dirt in Antarctica, and analyzed the soil these, it would be teaming with micro-organism life! In 1997, the U.S. sent “Pathfinder” to the surface of Mars. This rover took more samples and conducted many more experiments. It also found absolutely no sign of life. Since that time, several more missions to Mars have been launched. Expect the same results.

  • Astronomers are constantly finding new “planets” in distant solar systems. Some propose that the existence of so many “planets” proves that there must be life somewhere else in the universe. The fact is, none of these “planets” have ever been proved to be anything close to a life-supporting planet. The tremendous distance between earth and these planets makes it impossible to make any judgments regarding their life-sustaining possibility. Knowing that only Earth can support life in our solar system, evolutionists want very badly to find another planet in another solar system to argue that life must also have evolved out there somewhere. There may be other “planets,” out there somewhere, but we certainly know nothing intimately about them to verify if they could even remotely support “life.”

**So, what does the Bible say? **The earth, and mankind, are unique in God’s creation. Genesis 1 teaches that God created the earth before He even created the sun, the moon, or the stars. Acts 17:24, 26 states that "God, who made the world and everything in it, since He is Lord of heaven and earth,… has made from one blood every nation of men to dwell on all the face of the earth, and has determined their pre-appointed times and the boundaries of their dwellings."
After creation, mankind was without sin and everything in the world was “very good” (Genesis 1:31). When the first man sinned (Genesis 3) it caused the fall of mankind, which resulted in problems of all sorts, sickness, and death. Even though animals have no personal sin before God (they are not moral beings) they nevertheless suffer and even die (Romans 8:19-22). Jesus Christ died to remove the punishment that we deserve for our sin. When He returns, He will undo many aspects of the curse that has existed since Adam, and ultimately He will remove all aspects of the curse (Revelation 21-22). :thumbsup:

Note that Romans 8:19-22 states that all of creation eagerly waits for this time! It’s important to also note that Christ came to earth to die, that He came to earth to die for mankind, and that He died only once (Hebrews 7:27; 9:26-28; 10:10).

Putting these truths together concisely: God created the earth and mankind unique. All of creation suffered as a result of the fall of man. Christ came to earth to offer Himself once and only once to pay for our sins. Not only will believers be delivered, but all of creation will be delivered as well.

Implications: If all of creation suffers, that means that any life apart from earth would also suffer. If, for the sake of argument, there exists moral beings on other planets, then they also suffer; and if not now, then someday they will surely suffer when everything will pass away with a great noise, and the elements will melt with fervent heat (2 Peter 3:10). If they had never sinned, then God would be unjust to punish them; but if they had sinned, and Christ could die only once (which He did on earth) then they are left in their sin, which would also be against the character of God (2 Peter 3:9). This leaves us with an unsolvable paradox . . . unless, of course, there are no moral beings outside of earth.

What about life forms on other planets that are non-moral and non-sentient? Could algae or even dogs and cats be present on an unknown planet? Presumably so, and it would not do any real harm to any biblical text. But it would certainly prove problematic when trying answer questions like, "Since all of creation suffers, what purpose would God have in creating suffering non-moral and non-sentient creatures on distant planets?

In conclusion, the Bible gives us no reason to believe that there is life elsewhere in the universe. In fact, the Bible gives us several key reasons why there cannot be. Yes, there are many strange and unexplainable things that take place. There is no reason, though, to attribute these phenomena to aliens or UFOs. If there is a discernable cause to these supposed events, it is likely spiritual, and more specifically, demonic in origin.


Feh. Last I checked the Air Force lacked the tech to detect space-time warping, like that which would be caused by an Alcubierre/Van de Broeck warpdrive (which doesn’t violate General Relativity). Tell me, what about David Waite’s theory that would reduce the negative energy requirement? What about his idea of inertial-control by patching together stress-energy tensor metrics on opposite sides of spherical matter shells?

And actually, in as much as Earth has the hydrogen bomb, Earth has the tech to reach Alpha Centauri (the nearest star–and a very homelike G5, I believe, though it’s orbited not that far out by a K-class and a red dwarf we call Proxima) in about ten years–since hydrogen bombs can be used to make fusion torches that can get up to 1/2 c in a respectably short amount of time.

I don’t believe in most abduction stories; those I think aren’t made up or hallucinations I incline to chalk up to paraterrestrials (other intelligent life on earth), but it’s ridiculous to act as though such things are impossible. They’re not–not even negatively impossible (we don’t see how they can be done), since we do in fact know exactly how to do them.


Laurence, for entertainment, I sometimes watch some of the alien shows on history channel. I also occasionally watch the big foot, and beast of bray road documentaries. I believe in none of these things. :shrug:

I don’t know the particular show that you watched but once you learn to view such shows skeptically it becomes easier to tear down their proofs. If you could post a couple of examples of what surprised you on these shows, some of us might be able to help you.


There is something called sleep paralyses that explains many of the abduction stories. The person is still dreaming but unable to move. This happens.

I sleep walk, when I do my eyes are open. I incoporate my surrondings into my dream. One time I stood in the tub trying to get medicine for sick children out of the faucet. :blush:

But can you imagine if you were still dreaming but the part of your brain that keeps you from acting out your dreams physically was still shut down. If I sleep walk with my eyes open then I would imagine that a person suffering from sleep paralysis would have their eyes open too.

I realize the wikipedia is not the best source but here is a link. The different forms that this disorder takes in other cultures is very fascinating.


Why would aliens keep a low profile? Say that such creatures exist who can space travel, and control our mind as the accounts say. They have nothing to fear from us, so why hide? And if they were hiding why the heck would they need to probe poor Farmer Brown in the cornfield for?:wink:


Actually it only, very tentatively, explains that tiny minority of abduction stories that fit the very tightly defined model of the classical Close Encounter of the Fourth Kind (amusingly, there are Close Encounters of the First, Second, Fourth, and Fifth Kind in the movie Close Encounters, but none of the Third).

Sleep Paralysis does not explain less directly coerced “abduction” stories like that of Betty Andrieson among others. It doesn’t even explain everything in the German Alp legends or certain Japanese ghost narratives that are purportedly explained by it.

Similarly, lots of people say that “many” bigfoot sightings can be attributed to a previously-unknown Great Ape. Really? Great Apes talk, whistle, use tools, have glowing eyes, and can turn into fog or balls of light? Because that’s been reported in a great number of bigfoot sightings. The majority of “cryptozoologists” simply ignore the really weird stories because they want to be taken seriously more than they want to report the facts of their cases.


Titus 1:1 This letter is from Paul, a slave of God and an apostle of Jesus Christ. I have been sent to bring faith to those God has chosen and to teach them to know the truth that shows them how to live godly lives. 2 This truth gives them the confidence of eternal life, which God promised them before the world began—and he cannot lie.

The truth is found in Jesus and in the scriptures. Not in any organisation, be it the history channel or those who proclaim to be the only true church, like the Mormons, JWs and the ***.


What in the name of Hijikata Toshizou’s bad poetry are you talking about, Captain Non-Sequitur?

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