Do all Catholics have a vocation?

Just wondering really. Or are some of us just called to go to mass and not much else?

We are all called to pick up our cross and follow Jesus, no matter what our vocation is in the Body of Christ, the Church.

Well, strictly speaking, a vocation is to the religious life, but we use it to refer to what God seems to want us to do.

St Francis de Sales writes about the lay Catholic life in *Introduction to the Devout Life, *available online. We are all called to holiness, not just priests, nuns, and monks. We just have a different road, but that road is indeed more than just going to Mass. You are right, we should be living as Catholic 24/7, not just for an hour on Sundays.

Yes! We are all called to holiness. We are all called to be disciples of our Blessed Lord, Jesus Christ. Every state of life that the Catholic Church approves of is a way to holiness and the way to follow God, whether thats consecrated life, matrimony, or the single state.

All of us have a vocation, a job or a role in life.

Ephesians 2:10 For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them.

If God has work planned for us, I would think it is safe to see this as a vocation.

Thanks for your responses. I was just wondering, for example I know a lot of people who spend most of their waking hours working and commuting and can’t help but wonder where they have time for any vocation or how some people are a lot more skilled than others. You’ve given me lots to think about.

In my aspirancy year for the diaconate, we were told that everyone has a vocation. It is not just a vocation to holy life, but to marriage, or single life as well. We were also told that not one vocation is better than the other in the eyes of God.

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