Do all religions have good in them?


This thread is to address a question that came up on Islam 101

Do you believe that all religions have some good in them?

Do you believe that there are some religions that are irredeemably evil?

I personally believe that every religion has some good and some truth in it, or else no one would follow it. Basically, they may be seeking material good, or some kind of moral good, but they may be simply pursuing that good in a misguided way.

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I agree with you. I dont think there is a single group/religion/individual who would consider themself ‘evil’. The only universal criteria for evil is something that serves no purpose.

An evil action therfore would be to do something ‘just because’ with 0 motivation or purpose (either in the individual’s mind or the observer).

I think this is why Hittler’s actions seemed ok to the Nazi party and Germany at the time. To them, elimating the jews served the purpose to ‘improve’ the society and secure the economy.
To us, we see it as evil because we know Jews are no threat either to the society or the economy therby making Hittler’s actions w/o purpose.

That being said, all religions have an objective thereby giving them a purpose and making it good and justifiable in the eyes of a follower. In the eyes of a non-follower (lets say christian) their purpose is w/o meaning as they asertain their faith as the only correct one. For someone to see it as Corvidae sees it, he can identify with some of the goals/methods of other religions thereby giving it partial ‘good’ in his mind.

To summerize, to see the good in other religions/ppl/cultures, one must therefore attempt to keep an open mind and avoid bias’.

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In response to Loginus,
I would say if you can identify the good that the religion or people are trying to reach, you can attempt to show them a better way to reach that good.

I believe in that the fullness of truth is in the Catholic Church. However, I do believe that other church’s and other religions have partial truths and I want to aid them in discovering the fullness of the truth.

Now part of that is not forcing belief upon them, but showing a better way.

I think if people can identify the good in other religions, they can see God working in other people, and in doing so, may be able to better relate and find common ground.

I am against reletivism, because it denies a reason to search out truth, and to even see truth anywhere.

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Ditto! :thumbsup:


Sorry, some belief systems ARE inherrently evil, nazism, racism, bigotry, communism were and are inherrently evil. I would also toss in Satanism, materialism, and commercialism and anything else that teaches some sort of perverted morality.

The folks down at the playboy mansion are practicing hedonism, but such self serving perversions of God’s laws are inherrently evil. To foster lust and fornication is not something that God approves of, even though it gives someone pleasure or some large groups of people follow it.


I believe that any follower of any religion can pursue their relationship with the Divine. Many paths, one destination.


I don’t think that there is a single religion that is right for everyone and so there can not be, IMO, one true religion.


You should be a Hindu ‘Ekam Sat’. But then, technically we are all hindus to begine with :smiley:

PS. What wrong with Communism or Satanism?


I’m not crazy about their hair styles.


Do all religions have some good? I’m sure they do but, the real question is; Do all religions have the truth? There is one original and many counterfeits.

Acts 4:12
12 “And there is salvation in no one else; for there is no other name under heaven that has been given among men, by which we must be saved.”

Someone said once a long time ago that if there is salvation outside of Jesus Christ then God made a mistake. God would have then sent His only Son into the world to die a horrible death when it wasn’t necessary. If we can be saved through Budda or some other god then God didn’t know what He was doing by sending Jesus into the world.


Here’s a pet beef of mine with salvation. Jesus never tells the Jews that he is God or the Messiah. Especially in the earlier accounts. The earlier – the closest in time to Jesus – that writings occur, the less likely they are to ascribe divinity to Jesus. And yet, the Jews are condemed for refusing to acknoweledge that Jesus is the “Way”. When Jesus didn’t acknowledge it himself to the Jews!

Having said that, I believe truth can be found in any religion by any one. There’s no monoply on biblical truth.


Hi corvidae,

That could be wishful thinking. I’m sure there are plenty of religions that don’t have an ounce of truth; but people follow them because it is the easier thing to do. (In some cases, it’s a matter of life and death.)

Also, most people are naturally respectful to their parents. (They may not even question them.) Which may explain why so many people become fools for a religion; they just inherited the stupidity.

It pays to be educated and intelligent. Religions should be researched before jumping to a conclusion that it contains goodness and truth. Don’t be fooled by the numbers.


May I ask which religion is void of ‘goodness and truth’ and why you think so?


First of all this thread is meant for me since I started Islam 101. You Corvidae said that there can be some good that comes out of Satanism. That’s what you said. Maybe you should tell the people the truth. Satan is Satan, an evil despicable thing who is trying to destroy the world. But gee, let’s see if anything good comes out of that??:confused:


I thank you for being the reason this thread was started. It is always a good idea, I think, to recognize that something can still have value even if it is not for us.


:rolleyes: what does that mean??


billions of people are trying to pursue their relationship with something greater than themselves. And they are doing it in many ways. If such ways have are successful, they have value, imo.


The only way that is successful is the way to Catholisism.


Hi Loginus,

What I think about any particular religion is irrelevant, escpecially in this thread.

The point I was trying to make is that it is up to you to do your own research about a religion. Because for every religion, there are people who are for it, and people who are against it. They both can not be right. You have to make up your own mind.

There is a wealth of information out there on the World Wide Web. Start Googling…


“Central is the idea inherited from Nietzsche that an individual must enforce his own meaning on life and rise above the perceived conformity of the masses. The Satanist is seen as equivalent to Nietzsche’s Übermensch; LaVey claimed “Satanists are born, not made” and that “[Satanists] have a disease called independence that needs to be recognised just like alcoholism.” There is a libertarian element here; diversity is encouraged, everyone is expected to discover their own sexuality, chart their own personality, and decide their own ambitions in life. In this stress on individuality, Satanism is considered a “Left-Hand Path” religion.”

Taken from Wiki.

Doesnt seem very evil to me.:rolleyes:

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