Do angels get mad at us?


Sometimes folks say that they do - like when women don’t wear head coverings at Mass.

I can’t imagine it - but what do you say when someone makes such a remark?


They may get frustrated with what we do, especially our guardian angles, but they are always praying for us and loving us. They absolutely want us to be with them in heaven.


God’s wrath is the thing to fear most.

Angels, being in communion with God can be assumed to be in perfect accord with God’s disposition about human affairs and are given special roles as executors of God’s messages and His will. It is said a single Angel is empowered by God with the powers to utterly destroy all of Creation and if it were not for Jesus’ Divine Mercy that appeases God’s Wrath would be inclined to petition God for permission to utterly destroy all gravely evil beings. Their pure and powerful angelic nature is outraged by humankind’s grave offenses but they know it is God’s will to glorify His Son by playing out Divine Plan to its objective end. God’s Plan is working toward a specific objective that has assurances of attaining a Greater Good through the infinite merits of Jesus won on the cross. Thank God!

Note that the third secret of Fatima, entrusted to Sr. Lucia, reveals an angel flashing a flaming sword towards mankind. The angel threatens to set the world on fire, and shouts “Penance! Penance!.”

In one of St. Faustina’s Divine Mercy visions she recorded in her diary on Sept. 13, 1935 we have:

“I saw an Angel, the executor of God’s wrath… about to strike the earth…I began to beg God earnestly for the world with words which I heard interiorly. As I prayed in this way, I saw the Angel’s helplessness, and he could not carry out the just punishment…”

Some of these may be literalistic mechanisms but I personally think that the pure and holy nature of Angels is such that these private revelations reflect a genuine supernatural angelic outrage over the grave blasphemies and sins of humanity at large.



Angels are spirits and spirits do not have emotions. So they don’t get mad at us. The same goes for God, who is Spirit.



The angels who visited Lot, blinded a group of people who meant them harm, so it is possible that angels “get mad” or upset.


I cannot speak for anyone else, but I think I give my Guardian Angel a good number of frights. Other possibilities are that he is not doing his job very well or he is doing an exceptionally good job, in that I am still here. In approximate chronological order. (I have probably forgotten a few things.)[LIST]
*]Severed my left hand when I was 2 (successfully reattached, minimal loss of function)
*]Fell down in the backyard when I was 5 and found the only piece of broken glass, many stitches and a 4 inch scar in my left hand.
*]Broke my nose
*]Walked into the corner of a cabinet at age 6 and cut the corner of my eye. 1 stitch and a 1 inch scar.
*]Hit my face getting into a car about a year later and cut the other eye in the same place and the same way. Another stitch and another matching 1 inch scar.
*]Broke my nose
*]Went through a (closed) patio door when I was about 8, giving me a deep 6 inch scar on my upper arm.
*]In a car accident when I was 9 and hit my forehead against something sharp, leaving a 2 inch scar.
*]While playing hockey, my cousin accidentally hit me in the face with a hockey stick, breaking my nose.
*]Accidentally made a bomb when I was 12 and had a piece of glass in my leg.
*]Broke my nose three more times.
*]Surgery on my ankle
*]Accidentally drove a nail through my left thumb. Thumb still there but really neat scar on one corner.
*]Knee surgery
*]Fell down stairs and broke two ribs.
*]Landed bad playing volleyball and needed ankle surgery.
*]Knee surgery
*]Fell down steps and broke my left arm.
*]Got pneumonia, 5 days in the hospital
*]Abdominal surgery to fix my stomach
*]Knee surgery number 3.
*]One week after knee surgery, while still using crutches, I tripped over a crutch and broke a rib.
*]One week later, after a week of not being able to get up because I could not use crutches with a broken rib, my (now ex-) wife fell on me and broke two more ribs.
*]Accidentally touched the side of a table saw blade. Abraded all the skin from my left index finger. Sadly, this healed without leaving a scar or mark of any kind.
*]One week later, I broke a dish while washing it and sliced open an artery on my right hand and nearly bled to death. It left a nice 4 inch scar that matches the one on my left hand I got at age 5.
*]Fractured my knee.
*]Knee surgery number 4.
*]At age 45, I had the glass from the bomb (age 12) removed, finally!
*]Had a head injury and concussion with a very minor subdural hematoma and temporary with memory loss.
*]Intestinal blockage that required hospitalization.
*]And coming in July 2008, knee surgery number 5.[/LIST]But…[LIST]
*]I have very straight teeth and never needed braces.
*]I have fully recovered from all my injuries and surgeries (well, my knee is problematic).
*]I do not have a bad back or any pain
*]None of the scars on my face are readily visible.[/LIST]I win all the locker-room scar contests. :slight_smile: Well, except for the guys that have had open-heart surgery.

As I proofread this list, it does make me wonder how my Guardian Angel spends his time. :hmmm:


Thank your Guardian Angel that you are still alive.

I pray constantly to my Grandsons’ Guardian Angels become I know that it must be terribly a difficult job dealing with these little boys.

“May the Wings of Your Guardian Angel Surround and Comfort You.”


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