Do Angels have souls?

Hey everyone. Do Angels have souls?

If souls are the spiritual part of man, and angels are spirits, then I’d think not… However, I do not know and would be curious if someone knew the answer.

Yes they have souls. The soul is what makes your personality and who you are, so angels do have souls or else they would be robots. You have to have a soul to have free will and angels have free will because some chose to follow lucifer. So yes, angels have souls. They have personalities and free will. :thumbsup:

:):):slight_smile: I really should take a class in Thomistic philosophy sometime!

I don’t recall the world “soul” being used with angels. I think “soul” is used only for composite beings like man, animals, and plants.

Angels are not composite beings. They are pure spirits. Of course, they have personalities,though. Aquinas said each individual angel was so amazingly different from another that each angel is basically a species all unto itself. (Someone please correct me if I’m in error on what Aquinas said, but I think that’s right. :stuck_out_tongue: )

Angels are spirits without any bodily form unless God wants the angel to appear in bodily form for a reason like St. Michael. They are not souls.

Angels are pure spirits. They don’t have souls.

Thank you everyone! The posts in this thread combined with my other thread asking the difference between a spirit and a soul has cleared up what I wanted to know. :thumbsup:

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