Do Angels Live in Time and Space?

I know that God is not limited by time and space, but what about the angels that he created?

Look up the concept aeviternity.


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Angels were created with the rest of the world. At that moment they were a part of the created world. One would have to assume that at that moment they existed in space and time. After their test, the Good Angles took up their abode with God in Heaven. No one knows what Heaven is. Clearly it is a part of creation too since there was no need for it prior to creation. I think it is mistaken to say that it is where God dwells, because God does not need a " place. " Yet, God exists wherever his power is manifest or operates. The truth is we simply don’t know the truth about any of this. All is speculation and it would be rash to attempt to give a difinitive answer.


I imagine that Heaven it’s either (a) outside of space & time or (b) they experience time much differently than we do (for example they expereince seconds to our days). Existing for thousands or millions of years and experiencing time the same way we do on earth could be hard to deal with.

Another good article on Angels - easier to understand than Aquinas

If you want Aquinas: (just scroll to section “Angels” and click on the various links.)

Angels are spiritual creatures and therefore do not need time and space. They do not have bodies and since they are not in time they cannot change.

The Catholic Church has nothing to say in this regard.

Physicists say that both time and space began some 13.8 billion years ago.

Like God, Angels are beings of pure spirit, and are not constrained by (our concept of) time or space. There is no reason known to science or theology that would preclude them from existing “before” the Big Bang.

Are you putting your faith into physicists?

Big bang? Do you pray the Creed?

God can allow his Angels to move about as He pleases.

Perhaps you are unfamiliar with the Rev. Georges Lemaître.

Could you please restate your questions. I don’t understand them since DavidFilmer didn’t say anything that was theologically wrong or misrepresented anything. I am not sure where your questions are coming from. Hope you can help me understand ?

Why not? I place my faith in doctors. When I drive over a bridge, I am placing faith in civil engineers.

Big bang? Do you pray the Creed?

The Creed says that God created everything. It doesn’t say how.

In fact, the Big Bang is one of the most theologically friendly ideas of science. The Bible says that God created the universe from nothing. The Big Bang says the universe came from a zero-dimensional singularity (which is “nothing” as far as we are concerned).

God can allow his Angels to move about as He pleases.

Agreed. But angels (including demons) cannot move about as THEY please. It requires a specific miracle of God for any angel or demon (or Saint, for that matter) to interact with our physical world.

According to the book, The Rite: The Making of a Modern Exorcist, no.

They have some understanding of before and after, but not of time the way we do.

Regarding space, it is a mistake to think of them as invisible ghosts who occupy a finite space somewhere around us. They’re sort of everywhere all the time.

In possessions, they do not actually occupy the body, but rather tap into it. The analogy given was that of pipes. Still, they enter into the body by the person’s senses.

It’s hard to understand. The book is based on a priest named Father Gary Thomas, and during exorcisms, he says he puts chrism on the doors of the church so the demon will not go out. It’s paradoxical if they are supposed to be everywhere. Perhaps it’s the symbol that they are locked in the church that makes it effective. Symbolism of sacramentals and liturgy is important in this field.

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