Do angels whisper in our ears

if the demons are constantly whispering in our ears to tempt us do the angels whisper in our ears to encourage good behaviour.

Don’t know, but was outside mowing and “something” was definitely in my ear. Peace.:smiley:

Angels can speak to us audibly, if that’s what you are asking. They sometimes warn us of dangers.

Better still, we can whisper in God’s ear.

It is recounted in the biography of St André Bessette (Brother André) , by Father Henri Paul bergeron, entitled The Wonder Man of Mount Royal, that when a certain person said to him ,“God can’t hear us, He is too far away; Heaven is too far away”, in response, Brother André whispered almost inaudibly the words of the Our Father, then said to the one who doubted :“You see, Heaven isn’t far away at all - God heard every word I just said.”

Then he added, “When you say the words, ‘Our Father who art in Heaven’ , God’s ear is right next to your lips.”

My favorite part of the trip to Montreal a few years ago was to see Brother Andre’s crypt and Mont Royal’s Basilica of St. Joseph! Such a beautiful place, and a beautiful view.

I don’t ever remember an angel speaking audibly into my ear, but whenever anyone tells me the Word of God, they are speaking as an angel.

I am pretty certain, angels only do those things that they need to do to get their point across to someone. It may at times use an audible voice and maybe just whispering it is enough to get the person’s attention.

God Bless you!

Yes, angels (in particular our Guardian Angels) try to lead us to do good things. Sadly, most of the time we pay much more attention to the demons talking to us than the angels.

Metaphorically speaking. That is, their mode of interaction with us is usually on a different order than that of sounds upon our eardrums – though one could have that experience or at least think they had that experience. The ways in which they influence us are more subtle, typically.

A good question I have felt sometimes that I was nudged by one.

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