Do Angilcans have apostolic succession and valid sacraments?

A friend of mine has become part of a schismatic sect known as the Old Catholic Church, apparently of Dutch origin.
He mentioned that his church accounts Orthodox, and Anglicans also as having preserved apostolic succession.
I was unaware that this was the case.
I understand that many of the Orthodox religions have proper succession and sacraments, but I am uncertain about the Anglicans.
What is the present status of the Anglicans with respect to apostolic succession, are there still some varieties which maintain proper apostolic succession and sacraments, which therefore, are merely in schism only?
Or have they deteriorated to a state of invalidity in the Mass and/or other sacraments?

Dear Huiou,

The Anglican Church was founded by Henry VIII who was not an ordained bishop. Anglican bishops lost the power to validly ordain men to the priesthood and also to the episcopacy during the reign of Henry’s son, King Edward VI and therefore lost apostolic succession. At this time the rite of ordination was changed, leaving out any mention of the sacrifice of the Mass.

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