Do Anglicans accept immersion baptism as valid?

I had a question, for anyone who might know: Do Anglicans/Episcopalians accept an immersion baptism which was performed in a Baptist Church as a valid baptism? I am wondering because I was recently baptized by immersion at a Baptist Church but I am interested in visiting an Episcopalian Church sometime, and I would like to know if this baptism will be accepted for taking the Eucharist. :confused:

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Yes, as to the Baptism (though it’s dangerous to make a generalization about Anglicans). In most Episcopal churches, there will be no other requirement (assuming even that much is asked) to receive their communion.


Of course immersion is valid. In fact, probably most Anglicans today would concede that it’s preferable. We just don’t think it’s necessary, and for reasons of convenience it’s not very widely practiced by Anglicans (though on the whole I think it’s on the rise, and that’s great).

If you were baptized with water in the name of the Trinity, and you are a member of a Christian church and normally receive communion there, then you are welcome to communion in the Episcopal Church. (The part about receiving communion in another church is supposed to indicate that if you have fallen away from the faith or have been disciplined in another church, you shouldn’t just show up at an Episcopal church and receive communion without any process of renewal or reconciliation taking place. In practice this doesn’t seem to be enforced much.) In the more liberal dioceses the unbaptized are regularly invited to communion, but this isn’t the official position of the Episcopal Church, and my own bishop (of Northern Indiana) doesn’t allow it.


Thanks, that helped a lot :thumbsup:

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