Do Anglicans and Lutherans believe in Guardian Angels?

Or is this just a Catholic belief?

We believe that God sends Angels to protect and help people. But we don’t try to communicate with them or something.

Years ago on a trip down I 59 going from NC to Texas I began nodding off. I was startled by a voice saying, "Jon. Wake up. " A real voice.
I have no doubts.


I always wondered this as well, thanks Jon and HH for the responses. Jon, glad you got the “nod” from the guardian angel and did not nod off. :smiley:

Me, too. :yup:





Even many of us “non-liturgical” protestants believe in Guardian Angels, and those angels God sends to ward us. As mentioned, we just tend not to talk directly to them, but rather to God the Father as a request of Him, such as, “Father, please send your angels to protect me.” And I do believe we have a specific angel or angels watching over us.

As with all things Anglican, the answer will vary.

OTOH, there’s a Continuing Anglican parish, Holy Guardian Angels, in Fla, which gives one answer.


Do you have a personal view of the issue regarding guardian angels?

Not a conclusive one. I have no particular objection to the idea of angels as guardians, but not necessarily the concept of a personal angel, personally assigned, one on one, in the sense that the SCREWTAPE LETTERS is an inversion of.


I’ve been Episcopalian for four or so years now and have not heard anyone discuss them, seriously or otherwise.

“If we had open spiritual eyes we would see not only a world filled with evil spirits and powers—but also powerful angels with drawn swords, set for our defense.”

—Billy Graham

I had two similar experiences in a car, the first was on a divided four lane highway, the car in front of me was going about 10 under the 50 mph speed limit, I put on my blinker to go around him and heard “no stay behind him”. A couple of seconds later the car in front of me crested a hill and there was an oncoming car in the lane I avoided. He flew past us probably doing at least 50 but I think more, I was in a VW bug not the best car for a head on collision. The second was late at night I was stopped at a red light, I was looking at the light and it turned green, I didn’t react as usual and start to go. It was more like, “oh look green”, “oh yeah green is go” then I couldn’t get the car in first gear right away, it took 2 tries and off I went crossing the first lane when a car flew through the intersection in the other lane. Had I been my usual quick on the green light combined with my cars slow acceleration we’d have collided.

In another weird situation, a guy I was dating at the time and I were going to go to a party, it really was something we both anticipated attending, many of our friends were going and a locally famous band was rumored to make an appearance. When it came down to the evening of the party I was apprehensive, just had a bad feeling about it. Turns out on our way there my boyfriend felt the same way, so we decided not to go. It was a party that went very badly and ended with 3 young men dead. The oddest part is that a man I met 5 years later was also going to attend but had a bad feeling about it too. On his way there he picked up a hitch hiker, when he took him home he struck up a conversation with the kids dad about the car he had for sale. He decided he’d rather hand around in the guys garage (he bought a car from him, a 55 Chevy) than go to the party.

I’m still friends with the former boyfriend, married the guy who bought the 55 Chevy (we still have it) and am very glad that all of us listened to the niggling voice not to attend the party. They are both the kind of people to step in and try to diffuse a conflict, one or both of them may not have fared so well if we had all gone. All of us are Catholic, raised with the comforting thought of guardian angels, my DH, and my former boyfriend have both talked about how guardian angels had a part in that night. My former boyfriend and I talked about it the next day when we heard what happened. My DH and I talked about it years later when we realized we both intended to go to the same party but were worried about it and decided against it.


Our historic hymnody makes that clear, just enjoy the lyrics! :smiley:
*]In Love God Grants His Christians Dear
*]Lord God To Thee We All Give Praise

Nice quote…

I believed in Guardian Angels when I was a member of the Episcopal church and kept the belief when I converted.

BTW the Episcopalians are the only legitimate Anglicans in the USA. The ones calling themselves “Anglicans” are as legitimate as sede-Vacana “Catholics”. Neither group is actually what they call themselves. I understand the popularity of far right “anglicans” on what is to a great extent a far right web site. But that does not make it right. At least to me.

And, as to others, your opinion is equally incorrect. As those 8 Primates, and 3 reps from others, of Anglican Communion Churches, at the seating of the new Archbishop of the ACNA, who not only accept the ACNA as Anglican, but recognized ++Beach as a fellow Anglican bishop, in the Communion. That is a debatable point, as to the last, but arguable. It is not arguable that the Primates representing the numerical majority of those in the Anglican Communion recognize the ACNA as fellow Anglicans.

And there are other opinions. It’s Anglicans, after all.


not once have I heard the role of Angels preached from the pulpit-

Surely Guardian angels would be a very depressed group given the actions of we humans
perhaps there is a type of Angelic prozac

Our catechism in the Book of Common Prayer has no mention of Angels

so being good Episcopalians-sure why not ot no that’s OK or maybe or no not really = our opinion on Angels

as for hearing the voice of our guardian angel out loud-I have my doubts-it would be fascinating most likely the voice would say


I get the feeling that our good Lord will have a bit of fun with our Anglican friends by welcoming them into heaven with

“Good news: You’re in Anglican heaven!”

With a big smile… as He watches them wonder what exactly that means.

I suspect it means everyone becomes my sort of Anglican.


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