Do animals "know" that they were created by God?


I was looking at my cat recently and honestly, I cannot be sure if the more intelligent animals out there really are unaware that there is an Almighty Being.

If you do think they have an awareness of God, how is it that we can kill and sometimes mistreat animals knowing that they, in effect, have this awareness of Him?

If not, why didn’t God allow all of creation to worship and acknowledge Him? Why did He create such diversity in life, when they don’t even know that He is their God? I don’t think we can say that they were created for us exclusively. I base this on the fact, that I have seen many posts here (presumably Catholics) who acknowledge there could be life in other parts of the universe. Therefore, the whole universe would not have been created for mankind only.


A lot of “what ifs” here. What I know is God created us in his image and likeness. He put us in this world, such as it is, so that we would come to know Him, love Him and serve Him, in this world and the next.


Every dog I have owned knew who god was,me! :smiley:


The animals do as they were meant to do by their very act of existing. As odd as this sounds, when Fido empties his bladder on the living room carpet, he is glorifying the Almighty Trinity.

:eek: :eek: :eek:


I love animals very much, too. :slight_smile: Having said this… however, I don’t believe that animals necessarily have a rational (thinking) knowledge of their Creator… anymore, than say… the plants and trees. Perhaps they have a sort of instinctive sense of being a part of Creation. Of course, that’s just an “idea”. No proof, whatsoever to back it up.

According to Sacred Scripture… Man alone, is created in the likeness of God. If animals DID have some sort of knowledge of God, it seems to me… that we (being created in God’s likeness) would somehow be aware of an animals “awareness” of God… since God gave Man dominion, over the animals. Did that make any sense? lol. :o

I DO hope though, that there is a place in our Eternal Father’s Heavenly Kingdom… for the animals He has created. Because I miss my 3 dogs (now dead)… very much.:angel1:


I do think that animals have a sense of the Creator because the natural is built upon the super-natural. But, for the cow or even a dog in certain countries to achieve a higher existence in becoming part of me as I eat them is also a good way for them to serve their Creator.

Humans are the only animals that were created as a gift unto themselves (JP II, TOTB).

Animals are property, humans can not be owned. Don’t get this mixed up like PETA.


Since God is unexplainably powerful and impressionable, how is it that he can create creatures who are not aware that they were made by him?

Why did God use His knowledge to create beings who cannot communicate with Him, but can still suffer and see no justice? How doo we reconcile this with the fact that God is Love? The animals arent involved in sin, but they suffer because of sinners.

I don’t think animals are property that we can do whatever we want with. I say this after I have just killed hundreds of ants in the kitchen who were try to steal the cat food! :o

Have you noticed how these days we are more responsive to animals who we can see are in pain like whales, seals, birds, dogs, cats etc. The animals whose faces we can see suffering. All the people from Greenpeace and PETA etc are so worried about these animals (as we are to a lesser extent probably), but with smaller animals like cockroaches, mice, insects etc we have no problems poisoning and killing. Go figure.


Animals frequently suffer as much from other animals as they do from us. Historically, man has a long way to catch up with animals in this regards.

Justice does not apply to animals. Likewise, animals have no rights. This is true no matter what PETA or anyone else may claim. The thing to remember is that human beings have a responsibility toward animals. They are there for us, but they are not placed on earth so that we can abuse them. We are stewards of the earth and of the creatures on the earth. There will be an accounting for how we behave toward animals.


I think there is some kind of connection.

In my youth each of my 3 pet dogs before they died (by accident & natural deaths) broke routine in an extraordinary way to loiter and present themselves a day or two in advance of their deaths. It was as if to give me the opportunity to say a final “goodbye” and share a presence one last final time. In retrospect they even seemed to have a certain peacefulness and calm resignation about them that somehow imparted a message that impressed feelings of: “satisfaction, purpose served, content, life was good, finished, bye”. One looked at me as if she saw something invisible about me that was fascinating to her. I don’t think instinct told them this.



Romans 8:22-23 says that “all creation groans and labors with birth pangs…” waiting for our redemption.
So, if creation is groaning, like a woman in labor to bring forth a child…I think that there is a sense in which animals do, indeed, know that Someone/Something exists Who will one day put things to rights again.
How “rational” their thinking is?? I don’t know…Sometimes:blush: we human beings don’t think too rationally,either, do we??:shrug:


and every cat has know she is goddess in her own world

animals know whatever they need to know to act according to their God-given natures. I think attempts to ascribe higher spiritual functions to animals come dangerously close to the pantheism that is evident in literature that anthropomorphizes animals, such as Wind in the Willows.


I agree.

Yet, there certainly are times mentioned in scripture and various accounts where God seems to use men as well as His creatures and even inanimate objects for His purposes.

We have the True Cross allegedly made of ordinary wood (though there are spurious works hinting of other genesis) who’s shards are in various places and altars and accounts that it can cure at the touch or help insure God’s people victory when carried in battle (the Crusades).

And we have talking donkeys (and men who might as well be donkeys :wink: ) who under God’s power can not only serve Him but also speak. :wink:



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