Do any Catholics here not believe some Marian apparitions?

I’ve read that some Catholics do not accept some Marian apparitions. (Although I’m confused as to how some do not if the Church has validated them…)

Anyways, are they considered “rebellious” Catholics?

I know it falls under private revelation category (I think…), but if one does not accept them, how does that fit with being obedient to Church teachings?

Just curious because (for some inexplicable reason that I did not foresee) I’m actually considering joining the Catholic Church at some point, and I’d like to be aware of the various viewpoints on this subject.

While I don’t buy all church approved apparitions of the Blessed Virgin, in does not detract from my devotion to her, nor do I see it as making me less of a Catholic since the Church does not mandate belief by the faithful in the apparitions.

Peace and all good!

I guess if the Church validated it, I would be inclined to believe it. My understanding is that the Vatican is very skeptical about claims of apparitions.

There haven’t been many, have there?

I guess Fatima keeps sticking in my mind. I mean, aren’t there Orthodox Christians there? And don’t the Orthodox Christians have apparitions of the Theotokos? Why the need for consecration of Russia? And the apparition seems to be very Mary-focused…

{Forgive me God for speaking of things I know nothing of}

There were some people in Chicago a few winters ago who claimed to have seen a Marian apparition on one of the expressways when some ice and snow were melting on the overpass above and the water stains on the bridge supports looked to them like an image of Mary. The Chicago Archdiocese didn’t buy this and neither do I.

Actually when the Church 'validates" an apparition, all it is saying is that they have found nothing in it that is contrary to Church teaching. Thus, the apparition itself remains a “private” matter.

As to whether people accept them or not…I think there can be a lot of variation in this area. For myself, I accept them, but don’t have a particular devotion to any of them. Others have deep devotions to one or another - and I’m sure that there are those who know next to nothing about the apparitions at all.

I know of no Catholic who actually rejects (does not believe) a church approved apparition. As I say above, there may be others like myself who simply do not involve themselves much in the matter - but indifference does not equal rejection (does not believe).

Make sense?


We are not required to believe in private revelations, even those accepted by the Church. Therefore, there is nothing to be “rebellious” about.

It fits in with being obedient to Church teachings because the Church teaches we are not required to believe in them.

I have a deep love of our Blessed Mother Mary, so when Holy Mother Church says that an Apparition is worthy of belief, I Believe.

Here is the thing to ALWAYS remember though. NO “apparition” that goes contrary to the Gospels or Church teaching is to be believed (and those sightings will not come from God btw).

For those who do not understand apparitions. ONLY God can permit such things to happen as our Blessed Mother Mary has no power or authority on her own to do such things.

I believe in all the Church approved apparitions, they bring me closer to God and a deeper faith. I believe that God can and does use many ways to communicate with His children, and who better to speak to His children than our Holy Mother:thumbsup:

If they are churched approved…then I believe them.

from 1John 4… Dear friends, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, because many false prophets have gone out into the world……………6 We are from God, and whoever knows God listens to us; but whoever is not from God does not listen to us. This is how we recognize the Spirit[a] of truth and the spirit of falsehood.

One of the tests done by the Church is obedience to church authority (for God will not contradict the authority He established) and the revelation does not contradict church teachings.

Let me ask you…and think about it:

Do you think there is sin in heaven? Do you think someone in heaven will go against God’s will and wishes in heaven?

Those in heaven…do you think they are attuned to God’s will and divine providence?

After thinking about this…do you believe Mary is in heaven?

And if so…do you think she will say something contrary to God’s will and wishes? Will she go out on her own and say and do things contrary to God’s will and wishes?

Doesn’t it involve a bit more than just conforming to the Church’s teachings? I was under the impression that in Church approved Marian apparitions, the local ordinaries (usually a bishop) requests proof from the witnesses, eventually gets it, and then they pass the information on to the Vatican.

I mean, if it were only a matter of not being contrary to Church teaching, anyone could read the Catechism (and all other resources that teach the doctrines and morals of the Church) and “tailor make” an apparition and tell the bishop in their jurisdiction. Apparently, this doesn’t seem to be the case.

Private revelations are by definition optional devotional materials. IMO, it would be rather imprudent to denounce an apparition supported by the church as authentic. But one may utterly ignore a claimed apparition without risk to your soul (presuming one is otherwise cooperating with Grace in sacraments, prayer and service!).

Many apparition devotees have a hard time handling that. I’ve heard of people getting in other people’s faces and DEMANDING that they begin certain regular fasting routines or devotions because “Our Lady commands it.” No, a kid in Croatia said Our Lady commands it. That’s a BIG difference.

You are right. It is more involved than I suggested.


What are the most recent Marian apparitions?

Also, have there been apparitions or visions of other Heavenly entities (i.e. other Biblical persons, Christ, etc) that have been approved in a similar manner to the Marian apparitions?

Yes, I don’t believe in all Marian apparitions. I heard the one at Medjugorje was the devil in disguise. Then again, I shouldn’t believe everything I read on the internet either. :stuck_out_tongue:

If the apparitions were truly the Blessed Virgin Mary, then of course nothing she says would go against God.

But I have also read that the devil can disguise himself to appear even as Jesus.

Are there apparitions that both the Orthodox and Catholic Churches believe in?

Whether or not these visitation are true, I should probably focus more on repentance than try to understand more spiritually mature matters :blush:.

Getting ahead of myself…but I find them fascinating…

I think Fatima was the last approved one.

I am not sure if the apparition at Akita, Japan has been approved, which occured sometime the in 60s or 70s. If it has been approved, then this is the most recent.

Other persons…I can think of Sister Faustina, where Jesus appeared to her, and she gave us the Chaplet of Divine Mercy.

Apparitions in the Orthodox faith are nowhere near what it is in the Roman Catholic faith. In Orthodoxy there are no messages delivered, certainly not new things. There are no images of Mary being our last hope against an angry God who has an itchy-trigger finger wanting to destroy the world of sinners. That sure is contrary to the message of the Gospel of a God who so loved the worlds that He gave it His only Son. And Orthodox apparitions never asked that we consecrate things to her, Orthodox faith is firm that God has already sanctified all of creation and we perpetuate this when we bless bodies of water every January 6.

I don’t know why proponents of Fatima are insisting that Russia be consecrated. The blood of the martyrs who died during the Revolution and Communism in Russia have consecrated the land, if you ask me.

If Fatima is not true, then the Catholic Church can err.

I’m not sure how two sister Churches (with valid sacraments and Apostolic succession and the presence of the Holy Spirit as evidenced by miracles and such) can come to opposite conclusions.

Maybe God is angry…He’s been angry before with the Israelites…and the fact that we reject His Son, either by not living by His example or consciously rejecting Him, doesn’t help humanity…

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