Do any Christian Denominations Preach Universal Salvation?

I’ve been looking at the various christian denominations and Wikipedia couldn’t answer this question so I decided to ask it here. Now I know plenty of individual persons has preached in universal salvation, but I was wondering what denominations either preach universal reconciliation or were at least tolerant of the idea.

From a Lutheran perspective, we would say (and I think Catholics agree) that Christ’s atonement is once for all. Salvation is available for all, and we can pray for the salvation of all, but that’s not the same as saying all are indeed saved.


Rob bell’s non denominational church in Michigan

There is a fallen away catholic priest named brennen manning traveling to non denominational churches preaching it

Fallen angels can not be saved from what I have read in Scripture.

When you say universal I am assuming you mean for humans?

In which case there are a ton of people who preach that it is possible including some Catholics. To say for certain it is the case would be to put souls at risk… that is only obvious in the Scripture and in what we see in the world.

Doesn’t Catholicism preach that anyone can be saved if they follow Jesus, I have heard some parts about Catholicism teach that if one knows about the truth of the Catholic church but still rejects it, they may not be saved, but for all those who don’t even know the Gospel I learnt in my ecclesioligy class that they can still be saved.

From the Catechism

“Outside the Church there is no salvation.”
846- how are we to understand this affirmation , often repeated by the Church Fathers? Re- formulated positively , it means that all salvation comes from Christ the Head through the Church which is his body:

    Basing itself on Scripture and Tradition , the Council teaches that the Church , a pilgrim now on earth , is necessary for salvation: the one Christ is the mediator and the way of salvation ; he is present to us in his body which is the Church. He himself explicitly asserted the necessity of faith and Baptism, and thereby affirmed at the same time the necessity of the Church which men enter through Baptism as through a door. Hence they could not be saved who, knowing that the Catholic Church was founded as necessary by God through Christ , would refuse either to enter it or to remain in it. 

847- This affirmation is not aimed at those who through no fault of their own , do not know Christ and his Church.

Within a very narrow definition of universalism, Orthodoxy is tolerant of the idea, though it isn’t taught and very few accept it.

I don’t know. I love Jesus, but I despair at the thought that likely I and the majority of the human race will go to hell. Many people on CAF have confirmed this opinion that the majority of human beings are damned. It is hard for me to believe that. They say that If you enjoy earthly things that you are guilty of sin and are headed for hell. I don’t know… I just don’t know. what is truth, I would like to know, because I can’t tell what is.

WOW. Who is teaching you!!!??
You love Jesus. Jesus is infinite love and mercy. Why do you think most humans will be in Hell?

You should really learn about what purgatory is. You must be perfect to enter the Kingdom. Who is perfect? Jesus. That means we have only 1 human in the Kingdom…I think I must be missing something here right?

We are not certain of how - but almost all men will need to be cleansed by fire before entering Heaven. That does not mean eternal damnation.

If you seek the Kingdom you will find it. Did your Lord not tell you that? Yes He did. Continue to seek - you have nothing to worry about. Be prepared to answer for your sins but do not expect eternal Hell. Do not ever forget the mercy and love that is God. It is infinite.

edit: KEEP LOOKING. Do not become discouraged. Satan knows he has almost lost you (that is evident by your post). Satan is real and is trying to stop you from receiving Jesus and His light. You are quite obviously starting on the road to eternal life. There is a legion of bandits trying to stop you don’t forget that either.

God’s mercy and love are quite literally infinite. No matter who you are seek and you will find. Look at the lives of some of the saints (paul for instance) before their conversion. This is evidence of our Lords never ending love and mercy.

I re edited my post with info from the Catechism

Theologically speaking I believe they are mutually exclusive concepts. Not that some won’t try to claim it, but they would be in error. Unitarian Universalists are an example of a group sometimes referred to as a Christian Denomination which holds Universal Salvation beliefs. If you look at their doctrine though, you will find various beliefs within the system.

What raises your question?

I would agree with that, if you didn’t mention them, I was going to. They are very liberal to the point that they celebrate all religions and religious holidays. I read an article once about mixed Jewish and Christian marriages and how these couples would end up the a Unitarian church because the celebrate both sets of holidays (as well as many more). Visited the graves of both Presidents Adams in the oldest continuous Unitarian Church in the country. In talking with the people there, they stated to us that they celebrate all spiritualies and that there are many paths to God. ( am not saying that I agree at all, this is what they believe)

Thank you so much for saying that. Sometimes It just seems really hard you know? Sometimes though when people talk about hell it makes me wonder about god, But I know the Catholic Church is the one true church. I should just try harder to have faith. Thank you again for saying that, It really helped.:slight_smile:

I thought the Unitarian/Universalists taught that everyone will be saved! Might someone clear this up for me if I am wrong?

Yes, basically and that is what I thought you meant by the question of univeral salvation, that everyone will be saved and all spiritual paths are good and equal.

I would think they do, though I don’t know much about them.


Don’t thank me thank the Lord we serve :shrug: . I am only responsible for the errors.

If you are serious about building your faith the first thing you should do right now is make sure to read and understand The Parable of the Sewer. If you have not read it at least 10 times in your life please go do that now.

With that parable at your disposal you will not be led astray. Remember that Satan has infiltrated the Church - it is up to you to make sure a blind man does not lead you into a pit. The Church can not do that for you - for there are many blind men in it (less of them than any where else though).

Are you praying the rosary? It can be hard to get in to at first but it is one of the most useful prayers at your disposal.

edit; DO NOT FORGET. There is a legion of demons actively trying to stop you. They can literally plant thoughts in your mind. Be vigilant. There are many modernized Catholics (including priests) who will never warn you about this. They have been led astray - do not follow them. Follow the Church’s teaching - NOT the Church’s teachers. Our blessed mother has warned us that we would be infiltrated and many priests would be led astray. We have been warned about many things that have come to pass - I would recommend educating yourself on that. No one else will bother to trust me… :shrug:

I sent you a personal message that would have been off topic if I had posted it here. The rules say you must post something relevant. So I sent a personal message.

“No one who loves God and lives well is damned.”–Emanuel Swedenborg


The Unitarian Universalists were once two seperate churches that united in I think the19th century. The Universalist church taught universal salvation.

I think they do but then are they actually a Christian denomination? Denying the Trinity would put them outside of Christian faith according to most other denominations.

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