Do any of you have families and consider your jobs to be unstable?



I was wondering if any of you have families and consider your jobs to be unstable?


I consider the airline industry to be very unstable. I dont have a family but speaking to those that do, it puts a serious strain on the family. There is a constant threat of furloughs and you can never tell if your company will go to bankruptcy court and if your pension and salary will be the same year after year.

Every aviation job takes up a lot of time regardless of whether you have overnight trips. Most shifts are at least 10 hours, and sometimes up to 12 hours. It is not a 9-5 type industry. There are a variety of shifts and schedules that are constantly changing.

Many pilots, flight attendants and air traffic controllers and also dispatchers will miss big events in their kids lives. Birthdays, Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Easter are all holidays that someone in aviation will work. Unlike other industries, you are essential to the operation and you cannot field outside phone calls.

Its all part of the sacrifice you need to make. You have to decide if you can deal with this. Many women fall hard for pilots especially. They love the uniform. Divorce rates are extremely high among pilots. Their women find out that marrying a pilot means he is gone 15-20 days a month. Many cannot take it and leave. In the industry, it is called AIDS (Aviation Induced Divorce Syndrome).


I consider my current job unstable, though I don't anticipate that I will be with the employer for much longer now that I am looking elsewhere.

The type of job I have has instability because it is high-stress, high-turnover, and tends to lead to high burnout for employees. Caring for people who have physical disabilities can be tough, but caring for people who have mental illnesses and mental retardation, along with having to do intense physical work is very unstable.

Often, when there are budget cuts, a client moves, or the staff-client ratio is considered "too high," our hours get cut, the schedule gets rearranged for the millionth time, and new rules and procedures are often enacted to deal with the changes. The high amount of instability in the rules governing the job itself can be bad enough, but when a change such as low budget cuts your hours, or shifts the days you typically work, the hours, etc. it can get very stressful.

I work long days and my husband doesn't like it. To be honest, even though I have learned a lot from my job, it has granted me with experience which bypasses most fresh college grads, and I have a long history with them, the stress can be undoing. I have taken a leave of absence before. Thankfully now, I'll have my degree and will have more options for a job. I couldn't imagine working this job and have a baby or a small child, honestly I wouldn't have much to give.


I work for a constuction company, construction leads all industries in business failurers. You don’t ever get to comfortable our you’ll find yourself looking for a new job.


I'm in the newspaper business and my job and career are very uncertain. My company has been laying off employees for about 3 years now and come next year my time may be up.

I have two kids and a wife who doesn't work. It's a very stressful time right now. Fortunately we were able to see this coming and my wife has been in school working toward her nursing degree. She graduates in May. Hopefully she can find a job before I possibly lose mine around the same time. Not only is my job likely to be eliminated, my whole field is in its death throws, which means finding another job in the field is out of the question. It looks like I will have to go back to school and let my wife work for a time being until I am retrained in something completely different.

Living on one income is hard enough, but the situation means we aren't able to buy a house and have ended up moving several times in the past few years because of bad rental situations. But it looks like things won't get easier anytime soon, but that's okay. I'm sure we'll get through it.


Well… this is maybe coming from it at a different angle that you intended but right now the biggest instability in my job is me. I find it very stressfull because of low self-esteem issues, I don’t perform to my ability.

Every little mistake I make, I constantly fear will fire me. I have been like this for years. I remember working in a coffee shop. We were told to serve muffins on a plate and donuts on a wax paper. I put a muffin on a paper and when I was correct, I was positive I would be fired. I have been praying to God to help me for years about this and I still struggle more than I care to.

Also, when I worry too much I tend to get fed up with worrying and say to myself ‘Why do I even care’. But then the careless attitude spills into my work and I look bad.

Lately I have been trying hard to be very professional and have good people skills. Well, then it makes me resent even more other people’s unprofessionalism and then I have to watch it that I don’t become over critical of others.

So … in a nutshell… hhmmm… Maybe I should just ask for people to pray God helps me and that I hear how he wants to lead me



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