Do any of you have problems eating MSG?


I have had 2 meals lately at 2 different restaurants…one was Thai and one Chinese

I was deathly sick after eating at both, a few hours later…I had completely different dishes and they tasted OK…I don’t think anything was spoiled…My husband ate there too and was fine, but he did have different dishes than I

I have never had a problem before, but now I am fearful of eating this type of food again…and I do love it

I had oyster sauce in one restaurant, and I read it has very high levels of msg…I had a chicken dish with ginger in another but I was equally sick

Is it possible for food allergies to appear out of the blue?


Yes. I developed an allergy to MSG as a teen. I was exposed to it at younger ages,w no troubles but it was as a 17 year old that my doctor determined I had an allergy to MSG.

I think other allergies can also come on later in life.

Maybe more is known about this now. That was years ago.:D


My dd developed crushing migraines at 9 years old. The dr did all kinds of tests, everything came back normal. The dr insisted that MSG was the culprit and asked us to cut it out of her diet. Now we eat a pretty sensible diet, and rarely eat MSG, but it came out that she was buying bbq chips at lunch (full of MSG). Sure enough, the migraines have been gone since we had her stop eating certain snack foods.

She had been eating chips for years, it was just this school year that the headaches started. It is very possible for food allergies to pop up out of nowhere.


My SIL specifically requests that MSG not be added to her food when she eats at certain restaurants (one of them is Chinese.)

She is also highly sensitive to sulfites and avoids red wine as well.

She is prone to migraines and these seem to trigger them in her. Not sure if they affect her stomach, though.


I don’t like wine so that is not a problem, but I am afraid to eat at either place again

I like the people that own these places and would never want them to know how sick I was…I am afraid it would hurt their feelings


If you really like the food, it wouldn’t hurt to ask the owners if they use MSG… I’d be willing to bet you wouldn’t be the only person who has a problem with it and maybe they would consider preparing the food without it, or letting you know which dishes don’t include it. And if they DON’T use it… well, they need to know if you got sick for another reason! And there again, you might not be the only one who did.


[quote="redrosetea, post:5, topic:182731"]
I don't like wine so that is not a problem, but I am afraid to eat at either place again

I like the people that own these places and would never want them to know how sick I was..I am afraid it would hurt their feelings


You can't be the only one with this problem. You see, since you know them, you could help them stay in business by telling them. Most that don't know them simply won't go there unless they state they dont or won't use it upon request, or they just won't go back after a reaction.

You should consider telling them. But, give them some data on this first, they may be unaware of the connection and sensitivity to it in some people. Along with the horrible reactions that can follow. I'm sure if they truly are nice people, they wouldn't want to be a cause of that.

Edit to add: also check with the department of health to see if they have passed all their health inspections and get their final score. If they have consistant failings in sanitation, or other things, you need to consider that also.


I had eaten this dish before with no problems, I am wondering if someone else prepared it this time?

In truth I was so ill I really am afraid to eat there again…This happened in the wee hrs of Sunday and I still feel a bit ill, but it doesn’t feel like the flu


I have terrible problems with eating MSG.

I had gotten terrible migraine headaches for a very long time. Finally, I went on the “migraine diet” to try to pinpoint the problem. MSG is derived from soy. I also realized I have a soy allergy.

If you are allergic to soy, you will most likely be allergic to MSG. I learned I was allergic to soy the opposite way, through MSG allergy.

I never realized it until a few years ago. I just figured my migraines were all hormones, but I know they are not now.

I don’t know what sort of reaction you had, but my standard reaction to MSG is a swelling, sort of tensing of the muscles, facial flushing, nausea, vomiting, stiffness especially in the neck, and finally an all out migraine. Sometimes I even have trouble breathing.

I don’t know how much this will help you figure out your allergy, because different people react differently, but I figured I’d list them to help you in any way I can.


I had a very upset stomach and a pounding headache…My head still hurts a bit…I will spare everyone the other details…suffice to say I was sick as a dog


My mom cannot eat MSG. She gets really bad migraines and tremors. She's also thrown up because of ingestion. Whenever we get Chinese, it must be MSG free.

However, she can eat MSG in very small amounts (like Doritos) and not have any problems. It's very strange. :shrug:


I think that the amount of msg might have a bearing on what happened to me…I eat other foods with no problems at all, and I have heard it is in a lot of things


[quote="redrosetea, post:10, topic:182731"]
I had a very upset stomach and a pounding headache..My head still hurts a bit..I will spare everyone the other details..suffice to say I was sick as a dog


Call your doctor's office and see if you can get a nurse on the phone. Do you have a fever? Check before calling or you will feel really, really stupid because they always ask that anyway.:)


No I am not running a temp but I feel like I have been through a ringer, and I have eaten today with no problems..This is just what happened to me a week ago too

I have also had flu shots for both kinds of flu in the fall.....


Start keeping track of all the foods you eat and when. That’s what I had to do. Just telling you. It’s a real pain and humbling (you have to record that late night snack in it for the doctor to see?:o)

But, you should be ready to try to find out the cause of the outbreaks.


I will do that thanks for all of the good information and tips allergies are the worst aren't' they?


[quote="redrosetea, post:16, topic:182731"]
I will do that thanks for all of the good information and tips allergies are the worst aren't' they?


bad, yes. When you are sick, the worst absolutely. But, l've managed to build a strategy to avoid that as often as is possible under normal circumstances.

Get better soon!


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