Do any of you like Fr. Richard Rohr?


New Ways loves that other popular priest, too. They love anyone who is on board with their agenda.
Richard Rohr? No thank you.


How about so quotes directly from Fr Rohr that seem problematic.


Nemo propheta in patria… :rofl::rofl:


I know! And yet, I’ve seen this and heard several people describe this as centering prayer. :woman_facepalming:t5:


For quotes go to post # 9 and read the articles. Particularly the first link from Catholic Answers in which his quotes are provided with commentary. This article especially I recommend that you should read!!!


The Catholic Answers article you linked is an opinion piece of the author, Tom Nash, who obviously wasn’t able to completely understand what Fr Rohr wrote.

To Fr. Richard Rohr, Jesus Christ is an ideal guide of sorts, but he’s not truly Lord.

There is nothing in Fr Rohr’s writings that even suggest this.

If you’re looking to read a book with the agenda of condemning the person who wrote it, you’ll be able to find it.

The article fails to show any errors written by Fr Rohr



Tom Nash has served the Church professionally for more than 25 years, including as theology advisor at the Eternal Word Television Network (EWTN). He is a contributing apologist for Catholic Answers, blogs for the National Catholic Register, writes for Catholic World Report, and has been a contributing research associate for Ave Maria Radio. Tom appears as a periodic guest host for Kresta in the Afternoon and has appeared as a regular guest apologist on Catholic Answers Live for nearly a decade.
Tom is the author of What Did Jesus Do?: The Biblical Roots of the Catholic Church, The Biblical Roots of the Mass, contributed to Catholic for a Reason III: Scripture and the Mystery of the Mass. He is a regular member of the Fellowship of Catholic Scholars and holds master’s degrees from Franciscan University of Steubenville and the University of Missouri.

Sorry, but that’s the best I could do. He holds masters degrees from Franciscan University of Steubenville and the University of Missouri. So I think he knows more about Fr. Rohr than you care to admit.


Fr Rohr and Fr Thomas Keating as well as others also hold theological degrees

More than that, they gave their lives in service to Jesus Christ by becoming priests.



If my choices are Fr Rohr, Fr Thomas Keating or Tom Nash, then I would choose Nash and others who have voiced skepticism (to put it mildly) about Fr. Rohr. (and Thomas Keating) But your mileage may vary…


Here’s a quote from Fr Rohr taken from the book by the author Tom Nash

“The gospel is not a competing idea. It’s that by which see all ideas in proper context. We believe as Christians that Jesus gave us the ideal eyes by which to see the real nature of reality. He does not lead with his judgments”

How this is in error is beyond me. Perhaps it takes a contemplative led by the Holy Spirit to see the truth in it ?

My guess is that if St Francis of Assisi were not a canonized saint, Tom Nash would have the same problems with his teachings. Brother Son, Sister Moon, would be a problem for Mr Nash.

Fr Rohr does teach that there are two schools of theology in the Church, One is the intellectual one, which Tom Nash seems to follow, the other is the Franciscan Theology which Fr Rohr, who is a Franciscan, follows.



It seems that the links I provided are coming under much scrutiny. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any such articles from sites that some here may be more comfortable with. Sites such as The Huffington Post, The National Catholic Reporter, or Mother Jones. :wink: Again, my apologies! But I’ll continue my search! Here’s some more on Fr. Rohr;


LifeSiteNews ?

Now I see your problem

They’ve had a credibility problem for years and no serious Catholic should follow them

Heck, they don’t even report well on Pope Francis.



Oops!!! My sincere apologies. I found this from The National Catholic Reporter, and the Huffington Post. And what do you know…it’s all positive! Sorry, but I couldn’t find anything on Mother Jones! :wink:


Why do you have a problem with these links ?

BTW, I watched Fr Rohr on Oprah Winfrey’s “Super Soul Sunday.”

He was spot on in what he said.



Huffington Post? National Catholic Reporter? I guess it’s because sites such as the Reporter and Huff Post have become synonymous with very liberal causes. They don’t have the Church’s best interests in mind in the articles they publish at all. (see link below) One well know priest who blogs refers to them (the Reporter) as “Fishwrap.” (see image below)



Funny, most Catholics take secular news sources like HuffPost with a grain of salt when it comes to reporting on Catholic and spiritual issues.

However, when people want to condemn a person like Fr Rohr, they’ll use news sources which they generally dislike.

I’m done with this subject

Centered in Christ


First off, no one here who is questioning Fr. Rohr is doing so to “condemn” him that I’m aware of. And also, none of the news sources which I referenced would fall under the “generally dislike” category for me. Except the Huff Post and Reporter. I’ll admit to more than dislike for those two sites! But those two sites praised Fr. Rohr! So I’m not quite following your logic.


Did you check America Magazine?


Good catch there prayerrider!!! :wink: Not only that, but apparently he’s a contributor, writing articles for American Magazine. Now why is this not surprising? :thinking:


Not surprising to me at all. Look at who one of their editors is:

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