Do any of you like the Star Wars prequels?

Hi, i made a Catholic video about those prequels ! It’s a fairly heady brew of stuff - tackles Pelagianism, Evolutionary Adam, Monogenesis, and (typology) Anakin as a type of Adam, Darth Vader as a type of God the Father, a Catholic take on paganism in general…

Intermixed a bit of biographical detail about myself.(I’m a convert) and some off-the-wall “humour”.

It’s fan theory to be honest, i don’t know if anyone on CA would care to watch, if anyone does i’ll respond after i arrive back from work later today.

EDIT: Will respond to queries tomorrow !

Is your video monetized?

Darth Vader as God the Father? :confused:

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But Dartb Vader is a created being, whereas God is not.

To answer the OP’s question, yes I liked the prequels, although I think they get progressively harder to watch as they go on.

Darth Vader as a hero who falls by his own hubris is more like, I could see how one might go with a riff on the ‘brightest angel’ who fell with him but at no point could I see a direct comparison to ‘God the Father’. Darth even as Anakin is manifestly imperfect and whereas Luke moves beyond some of the same flaws Anakin never does, it must be said in his favour that the Jedi order is hide-bound to say the least and the way it appears in the prequels would likely wind up anyone short of a saint.

I like moments in the prequels.


When Anakin kills the Tusken Raiders in Clones, the duel on Mustfar, and absolutely nothing in Phantom Menace.

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The best way I can characterize the prequels is they are odd. Yes, we all know there’s some awkwardness in some scenes and even some things can seem childish, but overlayed throughout is some intense and interesting stuff. In some ways, love it or hate it, it reflects the weird mind of George Lucas. With so many canned movies today, it’s good to have something odd in the theater. Personally, I like most things Star Wars and I find there are things to like in each of the prequels.

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It’s not monetized. None of my videos are.

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The only Star Wars that matters is the original trilogy. End of.


Ray: [picks up a ‘glowstick’] “What does this do?”
Also Ray: [smacks the highly skilled Kylo Ren without any training]

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A whole thread on CAF about the Star Wars prequels? A surprise to be sure, but a welcome one.


I was never a huge fan of the prequels, but I always did enjoy the pod racing scene in The Phantom Menace.

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The original trilogy: wowzers. :smiley:
I say again: wowzers. :smiley:
The prequels were a mixed bag. The Jedi come across as hidebound, short-sighted and sometimes real jerks. Why didn’t they send someone to Tattoine to buy Anakin’s mother and set her free?
Midichlorians-- a completely unnecessary complication. Just say that young Anakin is strong in the Force, and let it go at that.

Lucas’s remake of the original trilogy was a step backward. His changes were not inprovements. But I won’t go into detail here.

The later movies, VII and later: quality suffers.


No, no sane person believes that they should have been made . . .

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The original movies were ridiculous. Why not make a ridiculous prequel trilogy?

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I disagree with @Dochawk, but we have to be honest…JarJar just was painful…it was like slowly dying as the midochlorians left my idealistic mind space, and I was brought back into the cloud of noxious gas reality.


To answer the OP, yes I love the prequels (far superior than the sequel trilogy IMHO) sure there are things that I would change in each of the prequel films, however there are also many, many fantastic moments in each film.

I mean sure it could’ve (and should’ve, totally wasted Darth Maul) been better, but “absolutely nothing”?

I would argue that Duel of the Fates was one of, if not the best lightsaber duel(s) of the series.
The score was also phenomenal…
…and the pod racing scene was exhilarating.

And the Ewoks weren’t?
Search your feelings, you know it to be true…
…however I guess both were “for the kids”.

Back to the OP…

…Overall I thoroughly enjoyed the prequels and I honestly believe that the only thing George Lucas truly needed to do to elevate these films was simply to hire a script-doctor to beef up the dialogue so that it wasn’t so sappy

…the overarching story and themes of the prequels was pretty good, the dialogue is what was mostly lacking.

Also the Clone Wars (set during the prequels) series was phenomenal!

On a related note I had read a fan theory about the Rise of Skywalker before it released and I thought that it was quite possibly the best way to end the sequel trilogy, tying it back into the prequel trilogy…

…the theory had to do with the idea that Darth Sidious sometime in the past shortly before the prequels “reached into” the force bringing Rey back through time to the era before the prequels, eventually erasing her memories and revealing that Rey is in fact Shmi Skywalker the mother of Anikan Skywalker, thereby making her journey end in a time loop…

…whilst simultaneously showing a separate story arch for Kylo Ren involving a delve into the origins of the Sith, visions of Darth Revan and Darth Malak and a redemption brought about by his uncovering of Reys’ ultimate fate.

IMHO that would’ve been a far more satisfying (or at least interesting) ending to the Skywalker Saga.

Sorry for my rant, I am a huge Star Wars nerd!


The books provided a much richer mythology for the series. It’s a shame Disney jettisoned them. But the true fans know they live on.


I hear you, and I support the children…

But they made the gun fire by falling off his ear… I mean I just can’t…

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