Do any of you mill your own grain at home?


I’m 100% positive I’m going to do this. :slight_smile: I love the idea of using fresh, nutrient-rich flour milled from whole grains, to make lots of healthy things for my family!

But I have a lot of questions, and thought I’d ask here:

*What grain mill do you use? I’m almost certain to buy a NutriMill. . .

*What kinds of whole grain do you use/like? How do you store it? How long do whole grains last when properly stored (like in the freezer)?

*Have you ever used milled dry beans (like northerns or chickpeas) in things like Ezekiel bread?

*Do you have a favorite whole grain supplier that you like?

Any information you can pass along would be great! Thanks in advance. . . :slight_smile:


Do you read any of the magazines that discuss self-reliance?


^No, I don't. Suggestions?



I do sometimes - I have a Vita Mix blender with a container for dry foods. I buy hard red wheat in bulk from my local grocery (in Houston HEB/Central Market), and just put it in the blender until it is ground up into flour.

I love my Vita Mix, I can use it for so much more than grinding grains.

I have also made butter in it (the wet cup), I use it to chop my cabbage for cole slaw, and much much more


Honeyville farm...just google it


I use a whisper mill

I use montana hard winter wheat…I buy it by the 50lb bag, put it in the freezer for three days, and them move it to one of those big rectangular containers from the Container Store. As long as the berries are whole, they are good to keep for quite some time. Only mill what you will use.

I have not :stuck_out_tongue: I have not ventured past wheat, though if I had time, I’d like to :slight_smile:

I like to order from the mennonites or from a private rep who operates a co-op. I currently use the latter. Have you checked your local Co-Op?

Yeah, get yourself a pretty little jersey cow so you can make your own butter, buttermilk, cream, and have the freshest and bestest dairy products with which to cook and bake :stuck_out_tongue:

And, Laurel’s book has really helped me a lot :slight_smile:


A cow!! Oh how I would love to have my own little farm!!


I buy my milk raw from a grade A dairy- that way she can do all the cow stuff - Why buy the cow when you can have the milk for (almost) free?


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