Do any of you watch anime or play video games

…and if so which games or series would you recommend?

I’m currently playing Persona 4 Golden and Genshin Impact and I haven’t watched anime in a while so I’m planning on finishing MHA. What would you recommend me to watch?

Anime is cringe


I mean, I find it enjoyable…

Yeah, I’ve seen the popular anime that includes MHA. As for video games, Total war and my favorite in the series Three Kingdoms.

Yieeeeehhh… SENPAI :laughing: I’ve watched Attack on Titans and My Hero Academia. I was planning to change my hair color because of Deku. AND Spirited Away in addition. All of them are good anime (especially Spirited Away) :star_struck: it makes me cry that they (the boy and girl, I forgot their name) weren’t able to meet again. I’ve heard of Haikyu!! my friends told me that it’s great and I should watch it.

Any thoughts about reading Bible Manga? Those are also cool and you must try reading them! It will probably change your life and turn you to a :innocent:

(maybe not too much but at least it makes you some sort of)


I don’t watch anime, but I do play video games. Right now I’m playing Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2. :slight_smile:

Yes. A good conversation starter with women, is, oddly, Pokémon. Works better than you think.

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