Do any of you write in your Bibles?


I DEFINITLEY write in mine. When I hear or read something that to speaks to me about a Bible verse I definitely underline the verse(s) and make little notes to refresh my memory later on. I have to squeeze my notes in the margins and anywhere I can.

One of my nieces says that when I die she wants my Bible because I have so much stuff written in there.

Now my SIL will NOT write in her Bible even when we are at Bible Study and looking up verses and learning new things. I have to write notes if it touches me and seems really important.


I don’t write in mine but I do have a bunch of post-it-notes throughout with comments and such.


Write in, underline, highlight, post it notes, 3x5s, all in my Bible.


No, I don’t. Mainly because I can’t get myself to write in any book. I tried the whole “highlight important or main topic information” thing in my college textbooks and it drove me insane going through afterwards to see the marks. I have a notebook I write any thoughts in where I can go back and re-read. That way when I re-read a passage in my Bible my thoughts are for that read-through without past considerations distracting me.

Mainly, it’s because I just get all jittery writing in books though.


Along with all of the underlining and writing notes I have a zippered Bible cover with pockets and the pockets are stuffed with prayer cards and pages of longer notes of quotes and explanations I’ve taken from GREAT talks online or from GREAT books I’ve read. I like to have these things to refer back to when I am reading at later times.


I particularly don’t like to write in any books. It just feels wrong to me. Tomato tomato.


I wrote a little bit in my paperback one as a teen. Don’t think I would now. Apparently a lot of people do, or so I hear from the bible rebindery.


I couldn’t bring myself to do it. The Douay-Rheimes Bible I have is too beautiful for my messy notes :slightly_smiling_face:


I used to… A LOT. Mainly when I was away from the CC and a Bible Thumper! I have many that are well marked up… I think this is sheer personal preference. There were many times when my markings helped me a lot, but I tended to over do it and even ruined a few by over marking. Since my reversion, I really don’t anymore and like to keep my Catholic Bibles (mainly NAB and DR) nice.


I think this is a good way to do things as there’s just too many books and Bibles I’ve ruined by too much marking. I understand highlighting “what speaks to you” but that may be different years from now. If you don’t you’ll always have a fresh start.


I don’t do that to any book, but the Bible is the last book I’d write in. It doesn’t seem write to me (pun)- nevermind the fact that my Bibles are either made of tissue-like paper or have no room for notes.


I used to, as a Protestant, highlight and underline favorite verses or things that “spoke” to me. Now I almost exclusively mark or note anything I can use for apologetics. And that’s probably because I have a lot of Protestant friends and family so “where’s X in the Bible” is practically my second name. I keep a prayer journal and that’s where favorite verses and stuff like that goes.


I doubt it is accurate, but I read somewhere you were not supposed to write in the Bible. I have written in a Catholic study Bible and wrote notes in one of the inexpensive paperback red NAB copies I kept at work.


The only spiritual book I’ve written in is Interior Castle, mostly because it feels a whole lot like a textbook at certain times. :slight_smile: (And that’s a good thing!)

For Bibles and other books, I generally stick a prayer card (or occasionally a piece of sticky note) in a place that I plan on revisiting over and over and over. You get so many cards in the mail soliciting charitable donations… they make excellent bookmarks.


Personally, no. I keep a list of notes on a Word document for when I have something I want to remember or think about later.


I can’t write in any book. It was instilled in me that it was a cardinal sin to write in a book when I was in Public School. I’ve tried. But I get shaky and sweaty and I just can’t!


I try not to write in my personal Bible. I do highlight important verses though as they strike me. I am using scripture dairy to write my reflections thus my Bible though rather old is still in a very good shape.


I don’t not in any other books. I also read the bible from my phone and cannot write there.
But I do have a pocket version of the New Testament that belonged to my grand mother that she used for religious class at school. On the first page she filled in certain letters, you know …, with blue ink like we did at school when we were bored. She also made a tiny drawing of a ship in ink on its inner cover. So tiny and beautiful.
I am very happy that she did this, it brings me closer to her, but not her as a child at school but her older persona the one which I’ve met. She is like this old lady who is playful like a schoolgirl writing in her books during class because she’d rather be outside and play.
So I guess write in yours and leave it to others, it may touch their soul in a different way.

Lord Jesus Christ, please don’t forget about my grandma, forgive her sins and bring her closer to you!


I do. I highlight, I make notes on things that strike me (either from personal reading, or that I heard in homilies, etc.).


No, I don’t write in my Bible/s.

When I read in my Study Bible in particular, I just have a notebook/pen and paper handy, and just write down any verses or anything in particular that I want to notate.

It’s the same as if I were in a Bible Study class. I wouldn’t write in my Bible. I always took notes on paper, and usually either had some type of note paper with me, or used a notebook to write notes in that I could refer back to.

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