Do any Protestant denominations practice exorcisms?


Or just the Catholic Church?




Yes just the Catholic Church or yes there are protestant denominations that practice exorcisms? If yes to the latter, would you name a few that do? Thanks.


Scroll down to number six on this page and you will find links to Evangelical/fundamentalist Protestant exorcism, a.k.a. deliverance ministry.


Yes, there are denominations that practice exorcisms. I am not sure if the more mainline denoms call it exorcism or not (or if they even practice it at all), but the more charismatic/ pentacostal types tend to call it casting out demons. The ones I have known tell me anyone can do it; it is not something set aside for specially trained ministers.


I might be mistaken, but I believe the Church of England has an official exorcist or office thereof.


Pentecostals exorcise (and don’t get me started on that!), as do the Church of England


I had heard that the ritual agendas for the new Lutheran Service Book of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod will have a rite of Exorcism.


the pentecostals do, and I think the Anglicans pratice it too, and so do the mormons and southern baptists, although I met many Seventh day adventists that believe in exorcism but the offical church never had an offical statement on this. I met one guy (SDA) who was very drawn on casting out demons and even had dreams about it.

I don’t think that any other denomination is experienced in exorcism as much as the Catholic Church, I heard many stories where pentecostals tried to cast a demon out of a man and it turned out that the man never had a demon in him , he just had psychological problems. now if the Roman Catholic Church has taken this case, I have no doubt that the RCC would of not been fooled.

and so do alot of “non denominational churchs”


I agree St Violet, the Catholic approach is far superior
one situation I had personal experience of was Penetcostal ministers trying to exorcise someone who had had an epileptic seizure and was post-ictally confused - it doesn’t get much worse than that


**You’re right, we call it casting out for evil spirit, but then…those who wanted to lay hand to cast ought to led a holy life, if not the evil spirit might goes to you if we are not careful. Actually if anyone would to go to some remote places like India, Philippine, Malaysia…there are plenty of such evil spirit stuff and those who witness it before shared with me, that they were so shocked that the manifestation of those possessed pple can be real scary **


I know the Church of England practice exorcism but it’s very very rare and they set up some form of comission to look at growing demand and also unauthorised ones.

much more common is blessings of homes and people. I know people have come to our house asking advice on this subject but I believe some things can be dealt with by the vicar and other things I think there is a seperate unit of people or advice must be sought. I can check but I think it’s all kinda boring detail lol.


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