Do attendees of N.O. love the Mass like TLMers love the TLM?

Many TLM will only attend or drive for hundreds miles to worship the Lord at a TLM Mass. I drive 45minutes one way to the TLM and I bet I must pass a ½ dozen NO parishes on the way there. Traditionalist will even push to the envelope Church Laws in not attending a NO mass is a TLM is not avail…

Do No attendees feel the same way about their Mass?

What would happen if it radically changed or as replaced?

I know how you feel. The TLM never made me feel that way, nor the NO, but I know what you mean from my experience with the Liturgy of St John.

I have also had the same feeling with a Bible in my hands.

I have had the extraordinary experience of weeping in prayer on several occasions, I know that others have too. It is called the gift of tears.

The both of us need to be careful not to make an idol of the liturgy. It is God we love, not the liturgy.


The TLM lifts my heart to God

Actually, I drive 45 minutes to my Novus Ordo Mass and pass a bunch of others on the way (so do many of my friends). If I cannot attend this Mass I will not “push the envelope” because I wouldn’t miss a valid Mass to fulfill my Sunday obligation because it’s not up to the standards my family and I think it should be. My kids know what is good and what is not and prefer to go to our 45 minute away Church. If there’s any scandal caused by having to attend a local Mass it’s not on my part and they understand this. We just chalk it up as another need that we can offer things up for and we pray that this parish will look like ours someday. Thankfully, more and more of them are.

I have only attended one TLM mass which was AMAZING!! I loved it. Unfourtanly, I am not able to go every Sunday. I wish that I could. I felt so much closer to God when I went to that mass than I usually do at the N.O… I have to concentrate really hard at the N.O. I find that people tend think it’s cool to be irreverent. I try to go to the most traditional mass as possible at my parish, but it’s not the TLM. Although I love going to mass because I am in the Lord’s house, I think that the TLM is more detailed, more serious, more reverent than the N.O.
I hope I answered the question. :thumbsup:

I would drive whatever distance I needed to attend Mass. It just so happens that I have N.O. Masses much closer to my house so I can worship without the drive! I do love the N.O. Mass.



I can’t believe that people would push the envelope and not go to mass on sunday if it is not their normal peference. Mass is not about us. The beauty of the mass is the sacrifice. You should go ever sunday no matter what. Your Lord died for you…the least you can do is so him some respect by seeing him once a week (well more if you can!)

I have personal enjoyed the NO mass, The latin mass and the anglican use mass, (never been to TLM mass)…I see the beauty of the mass wherever i go. They are all beautiful because they have Jesus at the center of the mass. The beauty is that i am forgiven for my impefection by the death of the umblemished Lamb.

I’m fortunate in having numerous churches around here to choose from. All NO, but running the gamut in terms of how rubrical they are and quality of music etc. I’ve never attended a TLM though I’ve seen plenty of video of it, and it really leaves me cold. Not because I need any liturgical frills at all, but at least some English please!

In terms of NO parishes I have a very definite pecking order. There are two that are my absolute favourites, just glorious. Two others that I attend when scheduling clashes prevent me going to my favourites, and one that I went to for just the one mass, and was so dreadful that there’s no way I’m returning.

Moot point for me. I have lived long enough to ignor the nit-wits on both sides.

Mass is Mass to me and I shall continue to follow Rome. I’m too old for non-sense. I don’t have time. Whiners in general just irritate me in my old age. :rotfl:

I drive about 40 minutes to my NO Mass, and it’s worth every minute of the drive for it is consistently both a beautiful liturgy and an inspiring homily.

I had such bad experiences with the TLM growing up that I have had no desire to attend one, though none are offered anywhere near me so it isn’t an issue regardlss. I have no problem with people preferring them, just no attraction for myself.

Do attendees of N.O. love the Mass like TLMers love the TLM?

I’m actually insulted by this question. :mad:

Why in the world would you ever even think that just because someone attends a NO mass that they do not love it? That is EXACTLY the division and “us against them” eliteist attitude that turns so many people away from our Faith, and will divide us from the inside out.

Honestly - that is just one of the most rude and disrespectful questions I think I’ve ever seen. :mad:

Of course I love the NO mass - CHRIST IS THERE!!! WHAT’S NOT TO LOVE!!!


I love a vaild Catholic Mass, any Rite, any Mass - the Catholic Mass is heaven on earth. How dare I NOT love the Mass:thumbsup:

I actually got to attend two very reverent and beautiful NO Masses this weekend at Holy Family Parish in Seattle. They were Latin chanted Masses with an a acapello choir that was outstanding. This is the first time I have experienced the NO Mass in a reverent setting. Not that mine is so full of liturgical abuses, it’s just that it is so blasé; there is not much to really elevate your heart and mind to God.

So, even though I attend the NO, I *love *the TLM.

I do like both masses acctually! Yet I know the “NO” mass is most of the time not celebrated with the reverence it was intendend to be celebrated with. My fiance and I had to look far and wide to find a parish that did it well. They do have a “TLM” about an hour away but most of the time we are unable to attend. However we do have a great Byzentine church nearby the Celebrates the Divine Liturgy with great respect! :wink:

I love both. You only get out what you put in!!:wink:

I grew up with the NO, when I was born the TLM was long gone. I went to my first TLM on quinquagesima sunday and again last sunday.

For the congregation, because of the focus on participation in the new mass itself, there’s very little time where you’re not “scripted” to do something. Also, there’s a lot of “customization” ability that the priest has with the mass; many choices available for this, that is optional, the other can be done a few different ways, etc.

The old mass is almost the opposite on both accounts: the congregation has a lot of time in between actions or responses, due to the mass itself not focussing on participation. And the priest’s actions and words are strictly “rubricized”: there is no customizability, so yuo get the same thing every time.

Growing up with the new mass, because everything is so heavily scripted, there is no time for personalization between you and God. People say that the “audience” participation is the personalization of the mass with the people, but I don’t really think so. All of the actions, responses, prayers, etc. become automatic and robotic, and your mind would be off somewhere else.

I don’t know how many times the lector would read from scripture, “The Lord be with you…” and up to half of the congregation would all of a sudden say, “and also with you…” There’s very little in between where we can meditate on the mass itself.

In the TLM this is the opposite. I found that whatever few responses we have, it’s not robotic and automatic. And there’s plenty of time where you can meditate on the mass itself, the particular liturgy isn’t formed to “keep us busy” or “engaged” from beginning to end. I found the time to say one of the prayers before communion, something I couldn’t do before.

It sounds odd, but the mass that requires more participation lets my mind wander whereas the mass with the least for me to do I stay focussed. :o

This is all just my personal opinion and preferences. Both masses are valid. Same as others like different kinds of ice cream, I like the TLM. I’m a vanilla kinda guy :slight_smile:


I am an oldster. I was around the frist time when the Latin Mass was it, period. A lot of people who are relatively young see the Latin Mass through the lens of “oldways are better”. But the Old Latin Mass was not a wonderful thing, “participating” by saying your rosary, while the Mass was independent of the congegation and the Priest and altar boys had “their Mass”.

I prefer English where I can understand everyword.

I would like it if the English Mass was more reverent in the English used, more like the Douai-Rheims or KJV English.

But still a Mass is a Mass, they are all the sacrifice of Our Lord.

Hard to say what the actual intent was. To me the years following the Council seemed to be revolutionary in many ways. I remember the excitement stirring when Sat attendance fulfilling the Sunday obligation was allowed, the Friday abstinence was removed, and the possibility of allowing Catholics to use birth control pills was rumored. Hardly reverent but this was just too cool. The Mass seemed to have taken a back seat in people’s minds. Then they had tried all sorts of experiments to get people interested in coming to Church again. Came up with as many as 20 different Canons and throw away the Latin and oh, boy, how they loved to play with the Mass now. Finally Paul VI put his foot down and told them, OK, enough is enough, and here is the only four Eucharistic prayers we will allow.

So, yes, maybe the original intent was reverence, but then in 1975, more revisions were made. They still couldn’t get it right. And it was so different from parish to parish, I questioned half the time if this was indeed a Catholic Mass just because the sign outside the Church said so.

Today I see more Lutheran Churches in my village (outside Chicago) than Catholic Churches and I see more and more people in ties and dresses standing outside of those Lutheran Churches. And I see the Lutheran Churches having many tiny white crosses planted in their front lawns. And they all seem to have the right Scripture thought for the day on their signs.

And just a half mile from me there is a mosque. I see tons of Muslims coming and going for their almost hourly prayers.

But the closest Catholic Church, what do they have? Why, a “Bake Sale this Friday” sign of course. Mass times in very small print. Sad.

But I’m sure that many of you will attack me and think that this is an exception, that their parish is more reverent. That’s good but look around you. Most aren’t.

And, no, please don’t tell me to go to the Lutheran Church instead. I won’t and yet, I can’t help but always thank Martin Luther for forcing the Church to call the Council of Trent to set things straight after his revolution. Only to lose it all after Vatican II. Sadly this is what the NO represents to me, a major loss in Catholic identity, wisdom, beauty, art, and reverence.

Where do we go from here? Or is all well?

I used to love the N.O. until I experienced the reverence offered in the TLM. Now I often feel spiritually dry and deprived during the weeks where I cannot attend the TLM since where I live it is only offered 1-2 times a month.

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