Do baptists claim to have an unbroken succession?

I saw this video and I was can’t help but notice these baptists teaching that their belief’s are historically unbroken from the time of Christ Jesus.

As many of you know who I am I am seeking to find the truth in Catholicism. Would someone watch this video and share thoughts?

The video speaks about certain early christians who believed in the baptist tradition and also something called the waldensians.

They had vows of poverty and chastity and even went so far as saying marriage was inconsistent with their philosophy. Doesn’t sound like baptist to me


The baptists in the video are just pointing out the ancient historicity of communities who believes in the 5 sola’s of the protestant reformation.

I don’t see any link to a video in your post.

Anyway, the only Baptist denomination I know of that claims to have unbroken succession is the Landmark Baptists. I think that the majority of other Baptists would acknowledge that the original Baptists came out of the Reformation.

I am sorry here is the link

The video will have live action after about 10 minutes.

You will find them claiming that their beliefs come down from the days of the apostles, they don’t trace an unbroken line but rather point to various groups from time to time that dissented with rome, many of which were ironically infant baptisers etc.

The ultimate logic behind it is since they are right and the apostles were right the apostles therefore believed and acted the way they do today.

Wow. I can’t afford to watch 86 minute videos these days. I watched a bit and have these comments:

  1. Modern mainstream Protestant theology and doctrine is built upon the shoulders of the Apostles, the early church fathers, and the leaders of the church down through the centuries. Protestants have not reinvented the faith. They have, instead, sought to correct abuses that had crept into the faith. They increased focus on what has always been held by the majority of Christians and on newer theological developments, such as the Trinity, that are based on what the majority of Christians have always believed. There is a lot of false hearsay on CAF and in the world about Protestants. Protestants do, in fact, trace their roots back to Christ himself.

  2. I cannot speak for the group that made the video. I am not familiar with their ministry. I am disturbed by the fact that they call themselves “Christian Debaters”. That tells me they are ready to fight. That is far different from what the Apostle Peter urged: To always be ready to give a defense for the hope we have. (1 Peter 3:15)

  3. The Waldensians were a pre-reformation reform group that rose in response to the many divisions in the Catholic Church in and around the 11th century. They attempted to reunite the Church by addressing some of the same abuses that the Reformers would tackle in the 16th century. The Waldensians were not successful and were declared heretics by the Church. They are representative of the unrest that existed within the church for at least several centuries prior to the Reformation.


These people make me laugh. They make me laugh and I truly pitty them.

The fact that so many despise the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church tells me a few things…

~Jealousy. Who else has what we have? NOBODY! We have Apostolic Succession, a 2000 year track record, and the REAL Body & Blood of our Savior.

~Deep down some of these ‘haters’ KNOW the Catholic Church is the REAL DEAL, but their embarassment of being wrong keeps them away.

~The ‘haters’ don’t want to give up their autonomy to a bishop in a ‘funny hat’ and a ‘dress’. (Their words. Not mine.)

The Catholic Church is the New York Yankees of religion. The seat of truth, and goodness. But no matter who you are, if you’re at the pinnicle of your field, SOMEONE always wants to take you down. The haters in the video are no different.

:smiley: First the book (Trail of Blood, never seen it) and now the video, what next? :p:eek::eek:

CAnswers… That’s all I need to know. This is trash. They are driven by anti-Catholic motives. They are not a good source of reliable information. Stick with actual history.

So you think that the Catholic Church is trash!?!?!?! :eek: Given that you live in Massachusetts I am even more disappointed. :frowning:

They sure do; once you get back to who Protestants broke off from there is a direct connection to Christ. Who’d they break off from? ;):smiley:

epic fail!
Sorry I can’t sit past 20 seconds of that. Where do people have the time to make these videos? Don’t they have jobs?

Fact is the Catholic Church is the mother of the Orthodox Church and the Protestants Churches. Now ask yourself, what about the Catholic Church?

Are you talking about Landmarkers?
They believe Baptists date back to the early Church (starting with a guy named John).
They rely on revisionist history with no historical evidence whatsoever.

I am a Baptist interested in becoming a Catholic and I don’t think broken or unbroken succession means much or anything to Baptists. We believe that the Bible is God’s Holy \Word and when we meet we study the Bible, we help and pray for each other and our friends. We believe in spreading the love of God throughout the world. We support Missionaries at home and abroad. We sing praises to God. We take care of the elderly and the sick. We believe once saved always saved, meaning that a person who has accepted Jesus as his savior will sometime in his life come back to God before he dies, and God doesn’t turn his back on his children, once they are saved they are saved for always. We believe in reading our Bibles every day and giving our 10% to the church. Of course there are many other things that Baptists are, but these are important.

You may want to read this refutations:

Yes, Dr. Townsend eventually DID find the citation in another document which contains the reference - but instead of saying “for the last 1200 years” - accurately translated (by a Latin scholar from Oxford) - it says “1200 years ago!” Dr. Townsend took the ORIGINAL LATIN and had it professionally translated! He presents the original Latin on his site too, click here for his research.

And this…

I think you misunderstand my point, or you’re being sarcastic. I hate the Yankees, BUT… as any Red Sox fan would tell you, they ARE the winningest and most successful team in the history of sports. They’re hated because they’re better than everyone else.

I think you know that, but just in case someone else didn’t understand my post.

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