Do Baptists really hate Catholics?

I was born as a Catholic and raised in a Muslim country, after a while from moving to USA because of security reasons in my original country and threats against Christians, I moved to a place where Baptists are dominated. To be honest with you I am not so religious, but I can say of my self as a secular Catholic where I love everything being taught by my family as a catholic, especially the values of love not to hate. I found that baptists reject everyone who don’t think like them, in fact after one year in this place I find my self alone with no friends, it is really hard for me to absorb that, where I love the values of freedom in this country and who gave me my rights when my original country didn’t because of Muslim fundamentalists. Sorry to say that, but from my experience with the two, I can now compare Baptists fundamentalists to Muslim fundamentalists. Unfortunately I can’t move to another place in the mean time due to my work and study.

There are some who are more Christian in their attitudes, however in any group or movement there are likely to be fundamentalist extremists who don’t offer any kind of understanding or tolerance to those who differ or disagree.
God grant you peace freedom and friendships in the fullness of Catholic belief and practice.

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Unfortunately, some are intolerant and do have a hatred of Catholicism, especially people that follow Jack Chick. He writes pretty nasty (and blasphemous) things about the church.

I have met a few Baptists in person though, and they’re not all bad. Most are quite reasonable and very nice. One guy I used to work with was one of the nicest guys I’ve met, and he was Baptist.

Don’t let a few rotten apples turn you against a group. There are Baptists that are mean, yes. There are also Baptists that are very nice too. Even Muslims can be nice, they’re not all terrorists.

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I was raised a Baptist and now am Catholic, so I can assure you that not all Baptists hate Catholics. On the other hand, I have heard some outrageous things over the course of my life, most misstating Catholic beliefs.

There really are Baptists who think Catholics worship statues, that Catholics hold the Blessed Mother as a god, and that we think we can do anything as long as we confess. I have heard it said that Catholics do not really believe in God and that we have to do anything a pope orders.

In rural areas of the South, there are people who have been taught those things. They think the Church is a deceiver and that it damns people because it does not follow the Bible. Hate may be too strong a word for their emotions toward the Church; revulsion may be closer to what they feel. They see themselves as having a mission to get Catholics “saved” and into what they think is true Christianity.

It isn’t at all uncommon to meet Baptists who have a sense of superiority about their beliefs. In the twenty-plus years since I converted, I have been told things like I should get a real Bible, that I should get myself saved, and lots of snide comments about the abuse scandals.

I will grant you that there are those who do indeed hate the Church, but my experience says they are very much a minority of Baptists. If I had to guess, I would put that number under one percent in my part of the United States. The remainder would be people who feel no particular way about the Church or those who see it as a field for what they call “soul winning.”

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Some Baptists are quite nice, and some are quite intolerant of Catholics. But if you haven’t met any of the nice ones, I’m sure that’s small consolation for you.

On a more positive note, you probably do have a better shot at making meaningful progress with American Baptists than you do with conservative Muslim fundamentalists. Are you trying to find any kind of solution to this problem? If so, what other information might help with that?

A two year old post from my blog:

Fundamentalism and Hate.

Fundamentalism is built upon schism and as such is a breeding ground for one of the deepest of human sins: hate.
This was a hard fact that I did not see at first, looking at it in hindsight, now I can see it. It just wasn’t hate towards Catholics, it was a hate directed toward anyone who was not like them.
My first shock came in my first pastorate, when I encountered Christians who were sympathetic to the Ku Klux Klan. They reasoned (a few preachers I talked to were also were of this opinion), the KKK was a “Christian organization”.
Later, I would discover many of the Fundamentalist heroes of the past were VERY sympathetic to the Klan. William Bell Reilly, Bob Jones Sr. (one of the buildings on his campus is named after a Klan grand dragon), Bob Schuler, Frank Norris and others.
This was very disturbing to me because I knew it was wrong to support hate.
To even suggest starting a church in a black neighborhood drew blank stares. “Why?”, would often be the answer, “They have there own churches!! A black fundamentalist needs to be in a black neighborhood.” When a black family tried to join the church, they were told “you’re going to take over this church!!” We never saw them again.
There was also class hatred. A preacher told me once not to pursue those who were in a lower income bracket because “Birds of a feather flock together”, and would not “fit” into the church.
They can be most hateful toward each other. Churches split and then the splits split into even smaller groups. The splits, most of the time, have to do with personality conflicts within the congregation.
If the preacher has a particularly charismatic personality, he can easily lead followers away from the offending church to start a new church. The bitterness toward the splitting churches can become almost violent in its passion.
For fundamentalism was birthed from division, and it’s offspring continue to divide.
Worst of all is the irrational, vitriolic, bordering on insane HATE of the Catholic Church. This I did not see, or apparently mind much. I truly hated the Church that “sent my father to Hell”.
I would stand in the pulpit and proudly proclaim the “Roman Catholic Church is the whore of Babylon!! The Pope is the anti-Christ!!” Never mind that neither of these views can be proved from scripture.
I am NOT saying ALL fundamentalists hate. I AM saying the culture that surrounds it tends to feed it.
Generally you find people, of any group, are haters because they cannot intellectually or spiritually overcome an emotional response. They are satisfied not questioning the status quo. Once one starts questioning, the claws and fangs come out and they act, quite frankly, unchristian.
t’s easy to throw out meaningless and uneducated statements like: ‘the Pope is the antichrist!! The RCC is the great whore!!’. It arouses the emotions of the crowd and they scream AMEN!! without ever questioning the statement. Sadder still is finding Bible verses to ‘justify’ the hate. Claiming we are ‘commanded’ to hate.
I’m not using the word “hate” as a liberal would. Disagreement does not equal hate. Hate is spawned out of fear. You hate and fear what you know or think you know. The scary thing is, many cannot see it, deny it’s there, or use a different word for it (“we’re ‘fighting’ fundamentalists”).
Hate, if left unchecked and not repented of, will do physical as well as mental and spiritual damage.
It’s easy to say ‘well God hates’. What God ‘hates’ are things that oppose His holiness. His ‘hate’ is not stained with sin. Human hate, is stained with sin because we are fallen creatures.
To invoke God in our hatred is to find a ‘holy’ excuse for our sinful expression. God’s ‘hate’ works toward redemption, not destruction. Human hate only wishes to divide, ridicule and destroy in an attempt to prove Genesis 3 correct: we can be as God.
Perhaps the underlying problems fundamentalists find themselves in have their roots in the hate that is produced.
If that is so, can it be called truly Christian?

Understand there is a difference between Baptist and Baptist Fundamentalist just as there is a difference between Muslim and Muslim Fundamentalist and dare I say Catholics and Catholic Fundamentalist. Though all the Fundamentalist no matter which group would accept their “cradles”, “in name only’s”, “insufficiently catechized” and “culturals” more then they do outside groups. Only the most dangerous move to eliminate what they see as heretic or apostate like a cancer from the body

I would guess that you think Baptist are theologically wrong about some things, Jehovah Witnesses are more wrong, Muslims even more wrong and atheist :eek:. Do you “hate” them all do you “hate” one group more then the others?

Thanks to everybody for the info, I admit that I may used the wrong word “hate”, what I was trying to say is more like the community in the places where they are dominated rejects strangers especially Catholic because of their religious beliefs.

I was Baptist and we never rejected others because they were strangers. We welcomed all as will most Protestants, there are some goofy ones to be sure but most of the Baptists will welcome anyone.

I live in a heavily Baptist part of Texas, and I’ll be the first to tell you that not all Baptists dislike Catholics.

In fact, most of my friends happen to be Baptists. Yes, we have had a few discussions about religion, and at times it has gotten into arguments, however, most Baptists (just like any other religion) are fine with Catholics, as long as you respect them. Yes, if your in a Bible study with them, and you say something about Mary they may ask you to explain, but if you can, they will respect you.

It comes down to respect, some people have it, others (not just Baptists, even Catholics) dont.

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One thing to keep in mind is that there are many different kinds of Baptists, who range from the extremely hardcore fundamentalist sects, to the Calvinists, and on to the extreme liberal end of the spectrum. The fundamentalists are the ones most likely to be vitriolic towards Catholicism, while most of the other groups will have a range of acceptance/tolerance. Much of it depends on what part of the country you are in. Unfortunately, down here in Texas, there’s quite a few of the fundamentalists, and almost all of them will feel it’s their duty to God to convert you away from the paganistic church of the Whore of Babylon. The best thing to do is to just smile at them and keep your distance.


There are about 2000 different denominations of Baptist and each is different from the other although they share basic beliefs. These denominations range from libereral to quite extremist. So, when you ask that type of question you should mention which type of Baptist. Shalom haMeshiach.

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Shalom Aleichem

Yes there are those Baptists who hate Catholics as well as there are those Catholics that hate Baptists. There are those who hate every religion except theirs. Their are those that hate what color you are. There are those who hate just to hate. Hate is everywhere and all we can do is pray for them.

:thumbsup: ive been trying to tell people this for the longest time…great minds think alike! lol! there is a similar mentality to our christian fundamentalist, and the muslim fundamentalist. only their tactics are different. Peace :slight_smile:

People who think they have the truth, on whatever subject, and who think there could not possibly be any legitimate other point of view often seek to crush others. It is not just religious fundamentalism. Look at the extremes of politics for more examples.

Thank goodness, those people are in the minority, but they are the ones we see and hear. I would go on to say that the putative Baptist church that pickets soldiers’ funerals shocks virtually all Baptists. Most Baptists are good people who are seeking to know and to live God’s will. Hating others would be unthinkable.

I guess it would depend on where you live. I am most sure there are Baptists who are not this way though,.
I live in NW PA and the Baptists are very much the way you decribe them. I remember as a child growing up and going to church on the bus and the bus driver would intentionally take routes to pick up people that included Catholic churches and yell out the window to ’ Get Saved, and your going to hell! "
Even I as a young child knew that was so wrong on so many levels.

We moved a little south of where I grew up and the Baptists in our area chose to stay amongst themselves. The other churches in the area get together and do so much with each other, except the Baptists. If you are not part of their faith then they don’t want anything to do with anyone.
A good example was just recently. In our area there is a lady that is very involved with the arts. She puts togehter many wonderful programs for music, theater, art, etc in our area and in around 1980 there was started a beautiful program where all the churches in the area can get together and sing Christmas music. Its beautiful actually. I looked at the program to see all who came together, Methodist, Presbyterian, Salvation Army, Luthern, etc. All except the Baptists. I don’t know why this is or if its just something they do in our area. But really.
I’m sure in other areas of the country they are much more accepting then in our area. I don’t know.

On my street are a 2 baptist couples, one of the gentleman is a minister.
These people never miss an opportunity to attempt to convert me, give me reading material or at least get me to go to their church. They all know I am Catholic.
That said, they are the best neighbors; helpful, kind and considerate and I am fortunate to have them all living on my street.
They may hate what Holy Mother Church teaches, but they seem to like me.

They want to covert you because they do not truly understand what the Church teaches. Their thoughts are that you are hoping works will get you to Heaven and that you have been deceived by needless formality. For the most part, people who are being nice about converting you are doing it out of love, but they simply do not have all the information to understand the Catholic faith. I know because I was once there, trying to get Catholics to come to my Baptist church.

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