Do both spouses receive communion when only one individual goes up to receive?

Since Jesus has said that a married couple are now “one flesh”, if only one spouse goes up for communion do both individuals receive the sacrament in some way? Or likewise if only one goes to mass, have they both attended in some way?

Dear Jim,

Do both parties have breakfast when only one on one eats in the morning? Of course not. We have to keep in mind the context in which Jesus was speaking. A husband and wife are united to each other as Jesus is united to us in love. But we all remain individuals. When they die, the husband and wife are judged seperately as the individual persons that they are. And when only one receives Holy Communion, ONE is receiving Holy Communion

Their union lies in their love for the Lord through their commitment to each other. Through their union God is glorified and new individuals are created. But their children will have no problem in recongnizinig how their parents differ from each other.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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