Do Catholics and Protestants believe in the same Gospel?What about Bible Only believers?


Some of the new Bible Only groups of the last 50 years do not believe they are Protestant! One I know said traditional Protestants fallow less of the Bible than Catholics and both are not “saved” because of all their “traditions of men”. He believed that the system of Bible study his group fallowed was best for finding the truth in the Bible. When I showed him Bible passages that supported Catholic teaching his group didn’t believe in he said it was out of context and Catholic tradition blinded me from finding the true meaning of the passage.



you could ask him who wrote and assembled and decided what the cannon should be in the bible. Of course they are protestants if they are not in agreement withR/C Church they are PROTESTING.I guess when the king of england wrote his bible he either ran out of paper or ink or something to make him forget to put all the books in the bible so thats why they have less books in thier bibles :slight_smile: :thumbsup: they have to take that stance to support thier position. have they done any readings by St.Ignatius of Antioch? try


They are protesting that they are not Protestants!


If the person says “you’re reading it out of context” and fails to provide the “actual” context, that probably means they don’t know how to respond. This has happened to me before…once I just ended the conversation. I just said, ok. That was it. I think the other person got the message that a) their statement was lacking and b) they needed to go back and do some studyin’. I chalk it up to a “seed” and move on, preaching the Gospel without words as best as the Spirit wills. However, if they want to have an honest discussion exegetically, I am more than happy to entertain them!


Unfortunately, these Bible-believing protestants cannot see the true context of the meaning of these verses without the HISTORICAL context in which these verses are written. This is the fault of many of these protestants who do not take the time to understand why it was written.


You meet all kinds. :shrug:

Who REALLY Preaches “A Different Gospel”?


I wonder where this guy gets his “traditions” from? I bet you he believes he is infallible. :slight_smile:


Do Catholics and Protestants believe in the same Gospel? What about Bible Only believers?

No they do not believe in the same gospel. They teach and believe in a completely different gospel that no Christian prior to about 1520 AD ever believed in and which no Church Father or Apostle ever taught.

Even ignoring the simple fact that most Protestants even hold a different bible that is short 7 important OT books that contain at least 85 important NT scripture references that Jesus and the Apostles quoted there is a much bigger problem. The problem is semantics. If you and I agree that the word “blue” describes a color most often seen in the daylight sky or the ocean on a bright sunny day and somone else thinks “blue” means the color more like “orange” the fruit, then its impossible to even have a common basis for understanding and belief. This is semantic empasse.

This is the problem with Bible Only believers who lack all apostolic teaching tradition to have any sort of early church historical social context and living tradition to calibrate the meanings. The problem becomes progressively worse as new Protestant teachings layer on the errors of their predecessors and fabricate completely new and novel interpretations that no early apostle would even recognize where he alive today. This is how “blue” becomes “orange” and “church” becomes “bible” and why Bible Only believers have embraced the bible as a magic relic. They think they can get to heaven as long as they only believe in Jesus because the “bible tells them so”. What they can not see is that they were taught a different gospel than what the apostles taught and if life was that simple then the bible would only be one page long with one sentence that reads “Just believe”.



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Whether or not he’s a traditional Protestant, he’s still a Protestant if he’s a Christian that ‘protests’ (aka rejects) Christ’s Church.


since the eastern orthodox are not in communion with rome how come they arent considered protestant?


In a sense you have a point. But our Orthodox brothers actually share the same faith and have a valid apostolic succession. They are more schismatic than they are protestant because they only refuse to recognize Rome as first among equals. We are EXTREMELY close otherwise. They have not had a ecumenical council in a very long time and so its also hard to know where they officially stand on a few open items. I am hopeful that we will see reunification in our lifetimes.



The short answer is because the Orthodox Church existed long before the Reformation.

The Orthodox often consider Roman Catholics to be the first protestants. The rationale is that there was no Reformation in the East. It’s the schism begets schism thing.

To me it is a circular argument but some people get all amped up over it.



I don’t think we can lump Protestants into one big group, and it depends on what one means by “the same Gospel”. If it’s the simple message that Jesus is the Son of God and died for our sins, then yes, that’s the same Gospel as we have.

Methinks there are times when we ought to look more toward our similarities than our differences, keeping in mind that even though they are “separated bretheren”, they still are brothers and sisters. :thumbsup:


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