Do catholics believe in coincidences?


For example, when you are in trouble and somebody was there at the right moment to help you?


No - when in RCIA we always focused on the mystical moments that happened in our lives during the week. Times when looking back, we realized it was God, not coincidence.


I’ll occasionally listen to “The Journey Home” on my commute from work. That’s a program where people who were not Catholic or not practicing tell their stories of what led them to the Catholic Church. Almost always there will be one or mode incidences in these stories that the storyteller relates as a sign.

My question on this is always about the flip side. There are some who tell similar stories about what led them to their particular non-Catholic faiths, and they too saw signs in the exact same way that the people do on The Journey Home. The questions then are:

  1. Is it possible that Catholics and non-Catholics are truly getting signs, meaning that God is directing people to different churches and even faiths?

  2. Is it possible that one of the two groups (Catholics/non-Catholics) are getting signs while for the other it’s just coincidence, even though the signs are indistinguishable?

  3. Is it possible that there are no signs, and that these are all just coincidences and/or misinterpretations?


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