Do Catholics believe in Soulmates?

Please discuss destiny, free will, and two people with a good chemistry.

humans have free will, destiny denies free will, spouse would be the closest catholic to a soul mate

I have no theology to support my opinions, just my own experience.

I believe that the man I chose as my spouse is my “soul mate” but I don’t believe in “destiny.” We are just two people who happened to have complementary personalities, morals, dreams for the future, financial goals, plans for family, etc. Our compatibility was not predetermined; it is a product of our families’ parenting (though different styles, they had similar results) and our own choices to become the people we have become.

God has a plan for us.

If we are to be married, then obviously there is someone that God intends for us to be with.

Does that actually fit the definition?

I think that there are many potential “someones”, and the one we end up with is a result of our own choices. And, as life progresses and our own personalities change, the set of the possible mates changes too.

I do. I believe we have many soulmates. I also think its very possible to not meet any of your soulmates, if you make the wrong choices. You are not destined to end up with a soulmate, but if you do meet someone you really click with, I would say it was in fact destined to happen. So, I think we have free will to choose our mate, but the forces of destiny and love when we encounter a soulmate will also play a role.

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Given your profile reads Catholic, I am curious.
What “forces of destiny” are actually compatible with Catholic teaching?

Thank you for the responses. Honestly I was not enlightened, I became more confused instead. Can anybody provide biblical evidence or any Church document on its stance on soulmates?


I’m not aware of such a document or scripture passage, but I know there are several on destiny and predetermination of anything.

This is what I understand from it:

There is no one “determined” to be your spouse. By that, I mean that there is no one who you will, no matter the circumstance, eventually be married to.

But, I’m not saying that there isn’t someone who God has set aside to potentially be with you. The person may not be the person you end up with… I know it’s confusing, but do you kinda see what I’m saying?

At any rate, it’s always important to keep your future spouse, even though you may not know who he/she will be, in prayer.

Lastly, I’m really tired right now, so this may have been really confusing… sorry! :stuck_out_tongue:

God Bless!

I believe that there are people that are right for you; God knows that there is somebody who is right for you. But being right doesn’t mean necessarily that you will feel this incredible compulsion to be with them, or even that you will like them or fancy them. Its like parents who feel that some boy would be right for their daughter, but the daughter isn’t necessarily going to want what the parents think to be right. On the other hand you can get an incredible chemical rush from being with somebody, and in this sense they become your soul-mate, but that doesn’t mean that they are right for you or that they were created to be with you. People fall in love with some very nasty people. Why? i haven’t got a clue. But so called soul mates don’t always stay together. Some-body you thought was your soul-mate can become the complete opposite many years down the line. I think the idea of a soul mate is incredibly subjective, and can miss the point of what it means to be in the right relationship. Relationships are fundamentally vocational in nature as well as something freely chosen. A truly fulfilling relationship can sometimes be like a taste that had to first be acquired in order for you to truly receive the benefits. Religion is for some people an acquired taste, acquired over many years, rather than something that they fall in love with or even fully agree with at first site. To love somebody is a moral vocation, not just a powerful feeling.

In conclusion i would say that the word soul-mate, when striped of all its mystical prose, is just another way of saying that such and such a person fulfills me. Some people, however, would swear on their mothers life they were supposed to be together. Who am i to take that away from them:shrug:.

If you had bothered to do a search you would have found a number of entries that are a part of most good intro philosophy courses on the apparent dilemma of free will vs. determinism.

Knowledge of the future is possible for humans, and such knowledge doesn’t seem to commit us to the view that our actions are completely determined. Many parents have the experience of knowing what their children will do even before the children know.“I knew you’d do that (say that, touch that, etc.)” is not an uncommon expression. The fact that a parent has this knowledge doesn’t seem to compell the child to behave that way.

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I choose my soulmate as my spouse. We are two people who have dream for future, planning for family. Soulmates have mutual understanding between eachother and they also care and love deeply eachother.


God has a plan for us indeed.God knows that there is somebody who is right for you. But being right doesn’t mean necessarily that you will feel this incredible compulsion to be with them, or even that you will like them or fancy them.Viagra Online

I’ll give you two answers for different things:

1 - We can’t believe in destiny as it would be contraditory with the principle of free will. Of course if we make our choices, then we can’t be bound to a determined future. God knows what comes on future because God isn’t bound to time as we are. In short, destiny is just a result of cause-consequence which is result of time. We only negate destiny because there are something (God and metaphysics entities) that can interact with our real universe and aren’t bounded to time, thus to a cause-consequence principle on our sense of time. This is finally why God can interect directly with us, because God is in a universe set of real that is beyond our reality. This is my philosophical view.

2 - Well, I think that talking about soulmates is more complex. Maybe we should discuss what is the definition of this. However, discussing with my congregation on a day, one said that we are never destined* to be alone, as if we don’t marry someday we will always be with Jesus, 'till the end of our lives.

*I mentioned “destined” as a bound. As we are destined to go either to hell or heaven (or purgatory).

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