Do Catholics believe in the rapture?


I am trying to learn more about the Catholic faith and was wondering if they believe in the rapture as protestants do?


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The Catholic Church teaches from Holy Scripture that Jesus was born of the Virgin Mary as the Son of God and our redeemer, was crucified, died, rose from the dead, ascended into heaven, and will return to the earth once more, at the end of time, not 1,000 years before the end of time and the general judgement. He’s coming back for us at the end of this world, not before.

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While a few erroneous individuals do, the church teaching boils down to “The Rapture: Absolutely Not!”


Catholic’s are afraid of the rapture. They woulld rather stay here , grow old and die a miserable death.


I think you have read to many “left behind” books.

To answer the OP -No. The “rapture” is another of those phony doctrines created by pulling random verses out of Scripture and claiming they mean something they dont. Proof positive of the problems with Sola Scriptura


Why did you get this idea from? I suggest you read: “Will Catholics be Left Behind?” by Carl E. Olson.


Wait a minute everyone! The OP posed the question "Do Catholics believe in “the rapture” as Protestants do?

First of all, most Protestants do not believe in the rapture as portrayed by Evangelicals & Fundamentalists. By this I mean a pre-tribulation rapture that will allow all believers to avoid the hardships and persecutions of the end times. This is an insult to the many Christian believers who are suffering those persecutions right now in China and in many Islamic countries.

The word “rapture” means “being caught up”.

That being said, Catholics do believe in the real rapture as described in the New Testament. It will take place at the 2nd coming, after the 1st resurrection. Then “we who still alive at his coming will be changed in the twinkling of an eye, and will be caught up (i.e.: raptured) to meet the Lord in the air”.

We believe in the 2nd coming as foretold in the bible, but not in a 1 and 1/2 coming as believed by pre-trib rapture enthusiasts.

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The Rapture had its origin in the 1800 by John Darby a Dispensationalist. The Rapture itself is un-Biblical and some intrepretation of this theory states that there will be two Second Coming of Christ.

The Catholic Church affirms that there will be only One Resurrection and One Second Coming of Jesus Christ. Both the just and the unjust will be judge by the Son of God on the last time, and will separate them like goats and sheep. He will place the sheep on his right and the goats on his left.

To the righteous he will judge them according for what they have done because these righteous in Christ feed the hungry, clothed the naked, shelter the homeless, etc.These righteous one in Christ will inherit the Kingdom of God. To those who on his left, he will cast into the everlasting fire for they did not live in faith by doing the corporal works of mercy.

The Rapture is Un-Biblical and not even the Early Church Fathers believe in such modern theory. The Rapture is purely an American invention.


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Thank you! Until I got to your post, I was going to respond the same way. The “Rapture” as believed by the Dispensationalist is false vs. the truth as taught in the scriptures. Further, as you point out, most Protestants don’t believe in a pre-trib. rapture. This is a new-fangled belief adopted by many Evangelicals and Fundy’s. I think there is a certain arrogance behind this as evidenced by some of the Evangelical/Dispensational radio broadcasts I hear like John MacArthur, etc. Some act like they are better than others, because they are going to be rescued from suffering. :rolleyes:


Excellently phrased…

There is, however, a strong avoidance of the term “Rapture” to describe the End of Days, aka the Second Coming, so as to avoid the heresy of “Raptureism.”


Yes we are afraid of the rapture. But not for the reasons you post.

We are afraid of it because its a false teaching, a doctrine of devils.


The “Rapture” is about as real as the Tooth Fairy. Both are made-up, non-Biblical, and have nothing to do with Christianity.


Yes … I will stay here … in the life that Christ gave to me … and I will appreciate every moment of it … the longer the better, so hopefully I do grow old … a miserable death to enter everlasting life is something I’d pray for … I’d let my suffering draw me closer to Christ.



A wonderful, informative, and easy to read book that discusses the history of the “Rapture” doctrine and explains in great and understandable detail the Catholic teaching regarding thus, is titled;

The Rapture Trap, by Paul Thigpen.:thumbsup:

I highly reccomend it!


What a tacky thing to say. As a Catholic I am not afraid of anything except dying while not in the state of grace. Why should we be afraid of a false concept?



It appears it was a drvie by comment

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