Do Catholics believe in the subconscious and affirmations? Is this nighttime meditation ok to listen to?


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I have converted from New Age to Catholicism. I see now that New Age is deceptive and empty. Anyway I’m not sure what is safe or unsafe anymore. I listen to this meditation on YouTube every night as it really switches me off…

Edit - I tried to post link but the forum wouldn’t allow it. It is a meditation called ‘Let Go and Let God’ created by Silence Mind and can be easily found on YouTube if you search.

The only thing that worries me is that I read that Catholics don’t believe in positive affirmations or hypnosis. This video doesn’t exactly contain hypnosis, but it does count from 10 to 1 in order to relax the listener and it claims to speak to the subconscious. The mediation is centered on God however. Would anyone be kind enough to listen to the link and verify if it is ok? In hope it is inline with Christian teaching.

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I looked at it and find nothing wrong with it per se as long as it is used as meditation and not as a substitute for religious practice. Hypnosis used by a trained professional for the care of someone’s mental needs seem OK also, but anything can be abused. Be sure that you meditate for Christian reasons and not just to turn off. I suggest using the Rosary instead. I may get some flack for my opinion, but after all, it is just my opinion. Speake with Fr. after mass or in confession to get the right info.


You’re very kind to have searched and listened to it for me Mary. Many thanks. I will listen to it now. I switch off after about 5 minutes of listening to it.

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