Do Catholics ever have their children dedicated?

there is a discussion going on regarding the baptism of children vs. the dedication of them. I have never heard of a “dedication” service in the Catholic Church, and yet one of the participants insists it is ok and done within the Church. He may be correct, I just have never heard of it before and would like to know if this is so.

In the same discussion thread is various opinions as to the Catholic Church’s stand on mixed marriages, performed within the Church, and the promise to raise a child of that marriage Catholic. Some say the promise to do so is stated in the service itself, others maintain a paper is signed by the couple and others say that has all been ‘done away with’ under Vatican II. Could you explain this to me and whether it varies according to location and/or diocese?

Thank you and God Bless You.

Dear LSK,

Churches that do not believe in infant baptism have dedication services. But the Catholic Church has baptized infants from the earliest days of the Church. It does not have dedication services. (Catechism #1250)

The current practice regarding mixed marriages and the religious training of the offspring consists of the Catholic promising to do all in his or her power to see that the child is brought up in the faith. The non-Catholic party is appraised of the Catholic’s obligation. And that’s it.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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