Do Catholics have to pray along with the Mass?

Do Catholics have to pray along and pray all the prayers in the mass?

Can Catholics omit prayers?

I think from what I’ve read that the Catholic mass is supposed a prayer of one heart said in common with the priest and other believers in church. It that correct?

If this is tied to the other thread, then your question is based on the presupposition that intercessory prayer is wrong. Let’s make sure we full yunderstand each other:

Regarding intercessory prayer:

How is intercessory prayer wrong?
How/Why is it wrong to ask someone to pray for you?
Are the Scriptures wrong when they teach us to pray for one another?
Is the book of Revelation wrong?
Was Paul wrong?
On what basis do you say that intercession is wrong?


–parts for the Priest are simply that. See the GIRM and the document on Liturgical Abuses.

I didn’t say any of your questions are wrong.

[52.] The proclamation of the Eucharistic Prayer, which by its very nature is the climax of the whole celebration, is proper to the Priest by virtue of his Ordination. It is therefore an abuse to proffer it in such a way that some parts of the Eucharistic Prayer are recited by a Deacon, a lay minister, or by an individual member of the faithful, or by all members of the faithful together. The Eucharistic Prayer, then, is to be recited by the Priest alone in full.[131]

[53.] While the Priest proclaims the Eucharistic Prayer “there should be no other prayers or singing, and the organ or other musical instruments should be silent”,[132] except for the people’s acclamations that have been duly approved, as described below.

[54.] The people, however, are always involved actively and never merely passively: for they “silently join themselves with the Priest in faith, as well as in their interventions during the course of the Eucharistic Prayer as prescribed, namely in the responses in the Preface dialogue, the Sanctus, the acclamation after the consecration and the “Amen” after the final doxology, and in other acclamations approved by the Conference of Bishops with the recognitio of the Holy See”.[133]

That doesn’t align with popes and saints teachings:

“The Holy Mass [The Divine Liturgy] is a prayer itself, even the highest prayer that exists. It is the Sacrifice, dedicated by our Redeemer at the Cross, and repeated every day on the Altar. If you wish to hear Mass as it should be heard, you must follow with eye, heart, and mouth all that happens at the Altar. Further, you must pray with the Priest the holy words said by him, in the Name of Christ and which Christ says by him. You have to associate your heart with the holy feelings which are contained in these words and in this manner you ought to follow all that happens on the Altar. When acting in this way you have prayed Holy Mass.”

– His Holiness, Pope Saint Pius X

“Following along” with the mouth …by saying “amen”! And “holy holy holy”…

…when the response is called for…

see above

I thought that the idea of the mass is that the people pray together with the priest and pray a common prayer and offer one prayer to God.

The Eucharistic Prayer is said by the Priest alone. He prays as Priest …

So you just have to say Amen? What parts do Catholics have to say together as one?

There are various responses --lots of em.

And the Creed and the Gloria …and the Our Father …

Very rich doc. from Pope Benedict XVI

What about the parts that pray to Mary and the saints?

Could you explain what the underlying purpose of your questions on the 2 threads are? What is it you are seeking to understand? We answer what we think are your questions, but they don’t seem to satisfy you as answers - so obviously we are not understanding exactly what it is you are seeking to understand.

In other words, why are you asking these particular questions?

I’ve just read a few parts and they say that the people are suppose to participate and pray the mass along with the priest and the church members.

Can Catholics select which parts they pray together in common and still be a Catholic?

I just want a yes or no answer about simple questions. Do Catholics have to pray along with the Mass and its prayers to be a Catholic? Yes or no?

Or do Catholics get to leave parts out as they choose and not pray together in common one unified prayer that goes up to God?

The only part of the Mass that I am aware of that invokes Mary and the saints (and the angels) directly is the Confiteor. And yes, when the priest chooses that option, the assembly is required to pray it with him. So yes, it is compulsory for Catholics to believe in and pray to the Communion of Saints.

You have to make the responses, you have to sing, you have to participate “fully, actively, and consciously” in the Mass in order to live up to the requirements of the Church.

You’ve gotten yes and no answers.

My question is why do you want to know?

The “no” answer from Bookcat was answering a different question that the OP did not ask.

We are required not to pray the presidential prayers of the Mass. These are proper to the priest celebrant alone. The parts of the Mass designated for the people are required for us.

You cannot remain silent during part of the Mass just because you don’t like it or agree with it. Praying to Mary and the saints as a private devotion is optional as there are many things from which to choose to build your prayer life, but it is required to believe that those prayers are efficacious and acceptable, and in the public liturgy of the Mass, you are required to go along with them.

Thank you! It is required that Catholics pray the mass together as one body. I think that is very important, don’t you?

The mass is one collective prayer of the heart led by the priest but prayed together in common. That seems to be a great beauty. That is what I seemed to get out of the books I’ve been reading.

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