Do catholics or christians ever refer to God as Allah?

I know its a kinda wierd question. I’ve never heard it before. But on my myspace page I added this ‘page’ that is ‘Daily Bible Quotes’…once a day they post a bulletin or something with a scripture or proverb…that kinda thing. It looked Christian, maybe down south baptist- the page says Alabama…but theres no pictures of people or anything you know, just a bible…

I know mueslims read the koran, so…I dont think its a mueslim or hindu page…

But the other day they posted some passages from Habbukuk??? I’ve never heard of such a person. But I’m aware there are MANY saints and I might not know all of em’, so I looked him up and I cant tell what his religion is either way. It did say on wikipedia that he was a prophet, but that doesnt mean he couldnt be christian, one of the gifts of the Lord is prophesy…so…idk… I let it go…

But then another day it posted some scripture, referring to ‘Allah’…and I kinda hestitated…you know, did a double take. I’ve never heard any christian refer to God as Allah…and these are two separate God’s correct?

I guess I could just type a message and ASK, but I dont want to be rude and assume that someones mueslim because I just may be misinformed… :blush:

Yes, since it is the Arabic word for “God” is it used whenever the Mass or Divine Liturgy is celebrated in Arabic.

Examples are the Maronite Catholic and Chaldean Catholic liturgies, or even a Roman Catholic liturgy in Palestine.

Also, the Maltese (which is a devoutly Catholic country) use a variant of “Allah” as their word for God.

Not too long ago, a Catholic Newspaper in Malaysia was banned from using the word “Allah” in reference to God, even though it too is the Malaysian word for “God”, as it was felt to offend the Islamic majority population.

But the other day they posted some passages from Habbukuk.I’ve never heard of such a person

The Book of Habbukuk is part of the Bible, like Isiah or Jeremiah.

Arabic Christians use the term ALLAH for God, and it is found in the Arabic-translated bibles. Allah, of course, means God in Arabaic.

Used by the Melkites all the time in the Trisagion:

Holy God, Holy Mighty, Holy Immortal, have mercy on us.

Qudussun Illah, Qudussun Ilqawi, Qudussun Illadhi…

(And to finish)

Agios o Theos, Agios iskhiros, Agios athanatos, eleison imas

The reference to a God is rather trivial. If that is in another language or culture, i believe that the real question and answer would be even though we refer to one God or Allah are they the same god? is the God of Catholics the same as the God of Mormons or the baptists or the Jehovah witness’s? The answer would be a difficult one but looking at it simplistically, every denomination seems to have its own rituals and traditions that it follows depending on its location. The European christians (majority of them) will have a mixture of christian beliefs that have pagan traditions impeded and derived from previous pagan religions and followings. It is historically know that rome used to bring back different gods and traditions and people used to follow them. Through history people sanctified these rituals and were absorbed in the rituals that are performed today, and since children were brought up it those traditional followings they grew up and had their own children and so on!
One amazing fact is the the bible remained holy, in the sense that it did no change as did the todays major religions!

One only has to scratch the surface to see that the holy sabbath was changed to sunday instead of the 7th day saturday, or the observents of birthdays that is a true pagan tradition and the bible does not mention even once the observence of birthdays yet christians will stubbornly defend this pagan tradition that has no religious link.

In short there seems to be many gods that are worshiped today because each religion has its twist on how they believe God should be obeyed, yet they read the same book!
Why! Who is this author of confusion to make so many denominations?

Do we blindly follow traditions and interpret the bible to our own means or do should we let the bible interpret its self. I fear that the first option has been taken by many, hence the bibles prophecy that many/majority will perish!, and the majority seem to be part of the major religions today!

I wasnt trying to be trivial in referencing that it would be another God…or offensive. Its just been my understanding from other threads and information from Mueslims on those threads that our Gods are in fact two different Gods. We believe in God, the Father- who loves us and looks over us, and they believe in, ((and this goes into that monotheistic thing)) in a God, that they would never call Father- and theres his daughters…

I dont want to ramble about things I dont know the in’s n outs on but I’ll come back with some stuff for you guys…BRB

I take exception to the title of this thread, which implies that Catholics are not Christian and must be listed separately. :tsktsk:

DAUGHTERS? THE MUSLIM GOD ALLAH HAS…DAUGHTERS??? Islam teaches that Allah has daughters??? That’s a new one to me!!! Please cite the source for this.

Ummm. How does the Bible interpret itself? Just confused.

Do we blindly follow traditions and interpret the bible to our own means or do should we let the bible interpret its self. I fear that the first option has been taken by many, hence the bibles prophecy that many/majority will perish!, and the majority seem to be part of the major religions today!

The phrase “The Muslim God Allah” is redundant.

The word Allah is the Arabic word for God.

That is like saying the Spanish Christian Dios God.

Sometimes, only in the Eastern Rites though. Also, Habakkuk is an Old Testament prophet.

oh my goodness! I defend myself on this thread amongst my own more than I do in other places with, other religions! lol…

I started it with ‘catholics’, because thats what I am, but then realized that catholics are not the only christians, there’s Lutheran, Methodist, etc…and the ‘page’ in question might be christian, but just of a different religion, so thats why I generalized the christian part …

not that were different, but…geez…sorry.

lol, dont quote me…but its something like that…I’m on another thread right now on mueslims…and a point was made that they are NOT monothiestic, because really they believe in Allah, and … something about daughter, but then the scripture was retracted because it was satanic verses, supposedly when it was written he (muhammed) was under the influence of the devil…

so they were saying that either 1. the koran is no good because satanic verses were leaked in (the parts about the daughters)
or 2.the koran holds but then mueslims would be non-monothiestic-

oh i cant think right now…its so impossible for me to sit down and on the weekends with my kid running around!! i hate coming and going and leaving you guys hanging, but i promise once i get a chance I’ll sit down and copy and paste some good reading.

Actually I believe that Allah will be used in any Church where Arabic is being used, such as the Latin Catholic Church in countries where the language is Arabic.

It is my understanding that Arabic speaking Christians refer to God as Allah all the time because Allah is simply the Arabic word for God.

Allah is God in Arabic. Even though I’m American and speak English better than Arabic, whenever I want to call on God from the depth of my heart I say “Ya-Allah” which mean O God.

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As others have said, Allah is just the arabic word for God. It is cognate to the Syriac word Aloho (west syriac) and the Hebrew world Elohim.

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