Do Catholics practise any kind of physical exercises that are specific to the Catholic religion?

Personally, when I pray, I incorporate breath work into it(no one showed me how - its just deep breathing)

When I walk…I sometimes meditate

But when I do stretches…I often wonder…wouldn’t it be cool if there was something like a Christian version of a ‘sun salutation’ which is done in Yoga, to start the day off…

I personally do not do Yoga , but am famililiar with it…I do know that it involves more than just stretching and breathing…it is a spiritual disipline

ANy suggestions on how I can further honour my body, the temple of my soul, while putting into practise my newly forming Catholic faith and my need to be in my body.

Does the Vatican have any guidelines on this…

sure, we kneel, we sit, we stand, we sit, we stand, we sit, we stand, we kneel, we stand, we kneel, we sit, we stand, and the mass is over, LOL

Very cute…lol

There’s no such thing as Catholic–or even general Christian–yoga, if that’s what you’re asking.

How about the Nine Ways of Prayer of Saint Dominic?

If you’re inclined towards Eastern Catholicism, I would suggest looking into metanies and prostrations… a metany is a sign of the cross (in the Eastern Church, it goes up, down, right then left) and touching the ground with your right hand. A prostration is basically a semi-fetal position, execpt you’re not on your side… you’re facing the ground. Doesn’t sound too difficult, but let me tell you, it can be, especially doing more than 5 in a row. And to supplement my rather poor description, I am posting this link that explains everything much better than I can.

Also, haven’t you ever heard of genuflecting??? :wink:

I would not know if I am inclined to Eastern Catholicism, but I do thank you for your answer…I’ll look into it.

I did not even know what genuflecting meant until recently, so yes I’ve heard of it.

I am very new to the RC faith. Am looking forward to the RCIA classes.

LoL That reminds me of this video from "That Catholic Show"

St. Paul did say we are to work out our salvation with fear and trembling…

How about Saint Dominic’s “Nine Ways of Prayer”?

Caution: I would recommend that no one attempt to “take the discipline” (Third Way of Prayer) without permission and supervision from a competent spiritual director. This is something that was done (and perhaps occasionally still is) in religious communities under careful supervision. It can easily get out of hand if an individual takes it upon himself.

I’m so glad you understood it to be the humor I intended it to be, lol…thanks for not getting mad & offended lol

that video was awesome!

these are actually informative videos, I’ve been watching all of the & sending them to my friends…the BOB JONES UNIVERSITY graduates…LOL!!! You know, the only friends I have that have ever given me pamphlets & trying to proslytize (spelling?) me into being baptist. AWESOME videos.

We have stations of the cross, up and down hills and crossing a swampland. I suppose we could do them on our knees.

I love yoga, I practice it regularly.

I read on another thread that if you do not partake of specific meditations in regards to the self associated with it there is nothing wrong with yoga.

I sing hyms to myself when I do yoga, or say the rosary in my head - I always find the rosary relaxing for some reason :slight_smile:

There is also a breathing and stretching method which is really good called the slim body 4 life method. It’s pretty much a series of stretches and specific breathing techniques to help maximise oxygen and strengthen your body. It’s good because it is a blend of techniques from different disciplines repackaged as a exercise program, so it takes all the attached spiritual connections away and allows you to basically learn the fundamental shell and then attach your own spirit to them.

I use it for my asthma and it makes you feel so energised once you get the hang of it!

and easier on the knees than some suggestions :stuck_out_tongue:

:rotfl: Add to that wrestling a “spirited” 3 year old – and you burn 2x the calories :rotfl:

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