Do Catholics Support the Museum of the Bible?


The massive Museum of the Bible being built in Washington D.C. has an interesting collection of artifacts but the main gist of the museum when it opens may turn out to be fundamentalist propaganda. For example:

Ignoring the other various historical errors in this document, it seems the typical Protestant canon is presented as the only option and since I believe the Hobby Lobby/Green family has these types of religious convictions, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. Most of the people associated with the Museum also seem to be Protestant fundamentalists.

What do Catholics think of The Museum of the Bible?


You would think that the Catholic Church would be supported of the museum since former Pope Benedict viewed some of the items that will be on display when the museum is open.


Catholicism is Fundamentalist as well…in case you were interested. If you need an example, just read John 6!


I stumbled upon the video above. It looks like a good thing, I would love to see some of these old manuscripts see paper that is hundreds if not a thousand+ years old. The only thing I would be concerned about it is going to be from a very academic, while Scholars present many good things about the Scriptures many of them do it in a purely academic way and don’t apply the tradition and the light of revelation to their studies.

Hopefully it would open people up to the stories of the Bible. I’m fine with us diving into the Bible it is God’s word and it is powerful.


You would think the Catholic Church would be supported of the museum since it started as a exhibit that was once held at the Vatican and many other places.


Well, someone should tell them their Number 5 in “Ten Key Points” is so wrong.

There are entire books written about the many the errors–thousands!–that the scribes made!

Some of them quite humorous…and some very serious!

One version of the King James bible gave one of Jesus’ quotes to…Judas!



The Vatican and Catholicism itself is already a “Museum of the Bible.”

Having said that, I would like to visit their library.


Church Soldier

Where does it say in John 6 that Catholicism is Fundamentalist?


Yes, and 7 and 8 are similarly wrong, or at least overstated.


This reminds me of a good friend of mine who was an elder in the local Presbyterian church. He was the one who told me that the King James Bible contained so many errors.



What I personally think of it is, they really should have done more research. (Or was the oversimplification intentional on their part?) I agree with DaddyGirl and TMC here: the whole thing’s so overstated and oversimplified. For something that claims to be a ‘museum’ which “will engage heavily with the academic side of the study of the Bible, as well as the scholarship side,” they should have been more honest; IMHO their personal biases and agendas just really reek through this brochure.

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