Do Christians Admit that Muslims are Correct?

Muslims believe in One God, that he is NOT a Triune Being, that Jesus is NOT the Son of God, NOR was
he actually crucified, that the Holy Spirit is nothing more than the angel Gabriel, and so much more.

Will the Christian refute all those beliefs about God? or will the Christian simply say
that the Muslim believes in a different god, a different Jesus, and leave it at that?

I ask because once the Christian identifies the God believed in Islam as not referring
to the same God in Christianity, that is in my mind admitting that Muslims are correct.

The Muslims can say that Jesus was not really crucified, but how can the Christian say
that this Muslim is incorrect when the Christian says that this is a different Jesus?
What should actually occur is to explain that Jesus was crucified, reveal how the prophets
foresaw that event, prove what it means for us, and that the Qur’an and Muhammad are wrong.

I have a hard time believing they believe in the same God we do.

I know, I know, God of Abraham etc. etc. But everytime I see something about it, for instance when Globe Trekker or Rick Steves spends an episode profiling a Muslim country and its culture, in my heart of hearts I get the distinct feeling they’re worshipping something very diffferent, just using the same name.

Well the Heart is a fool, mind you.

If you see (and I’m sure you do) the few similarities between Christianity and Islam, while
at the same time noting their major differences, it is more accurate to say that Christians
have the correct view of God while the Muslims have a similar view, just all twisted and
mangled up.

Is it not our job as Christians then to
untwist that distorted view of God so
Muslims have the correct view?

They don’t see God The Father as we do.

To them “Allah” is their master and the “Muslims” are slaves of Allah

As we are the children of God.

If you read the Quran and Tafsirs - the Isa/Issa which is Jesus to them, is NOT our Lord Jesus Christ.

They are completely two different persons and not one story matches up with the New Testament.

I do not agree with Islam one bit.

Then you do you admit that the Muslims are giving an accurate view of Jesus?
What I hear you saying in response to the Muslim who says “Jesus wasn’t crucified” is “Yes you are correct.”

You are correct in saying that Islam and Christianity are
telling two different stories, but what you are doing also
is admitting that the stories in Islam are not all incorrect,
seeing that they are not describing the same thing that
you are describing.

You also say “I do not agree with Islam one bit,” are you sure?
The implication in saying that is that you do not believe either that there is only One God. Muslim - “Islam says that there is only One God.”
You - "Nope, I do not agree with Islam one bit, not even that!"That is also admitting that Muslims are correct in saying that
you believe in three gods. That’s not true, is it? Of course not.

Yes it is our job but that’s not how they see it.

They believe that we have a distorted view of God because of our Trinity.

That’s where we need to disprove the “Christians distorted it” thing.

**Who cares if a Muslim tells me that I believe in 3 gods. As Christians we know that’s not the case.

If you check out some Islamic sites on the web, you’ll find that they believe we are followers of Paul and not Christ. Christianity was created by Paul & the Romans guided by satan.

Christianity created in 325 & was created by satan.

Like I lose sleep over that a Islam thinks of Christianity. bah

According to Islam, Christ will return, kill the anti-christ, destroy Christianity, burn the crosses, kill the pigs, and their Issa will make Islam the global religion.

He’ll live on earth for 40 years, get married and die a natural death.

~ Yeah, right… like I believe in all of this junk.

All this happened due to some Arab in the 6th century said… hmmmm… the Jews have their religion, the Christians have their religion… I don’t like any of them, so I’ll just create my own.

Since the Islamic self proclaimed prophet didn’t like or understand Christianity with the Trinity involved, he could have become a Jew since there were Jews living in Medina.

In addition, he said… hmmm… the Jews call the faithful to prayer with fire on Saturdays… the Christians called their faithful to prayer with ringing the bells on Sundays…

Well … I’ll just get in front of them and call my faithful to prayer with loud screaming voices … yelling at the top of their lungs on Fridays and to boot… we’ll do it every 5 hours not only of Fridays… but every day of the week. We’ll be first in prayer…!!!


Rather than seeing Islam as a different religion, after reading Belloc, Chesterton, and others, I see it more as a Christian heresy. An opinion or doctrine at variance with the orthodox or accepted doctrine. Like Jehovah’s witnesses, Mormons etc., they have decided against the divinity of Christ, and the trinity. In order to do this, one must essentially write a new bible, and this is what the Q’ran is. (see also, the book of Mormon and New World Translation). If Scripture is accepted and believed as is, in it’s orthodox state, it does not lead to or point to the Q’ran, but rather the Jesus (Emanuel) of the New Testament of the Bible. I still don’t know all the motives for the Koran. I do know, however, that it’s teachings regarding Jesus are not true. They are not borne out in any way in the New Testament. This is not intended as offense to any Muslims. Truth is what truth is. Jesus Christ is the truth. The words concerning Him in the Q’ran are not the truth, and so by reason, one can deduce that the Q’ran is not the truth, and that Jesus was God’s final Word to mankind, until the consummation of time. The Q’ran and Christianity can not both be true, because they are at odds on the axioms. If only one is true, I trust Jesus as the way the truth and the life, and Christianity was the result of Christ.

Okay so you say that Muslims are NOT giving an accurate view of
Jesus. That is saying that they have the wrong beliefs about Jesus,
but it is about the same Jesus

By that answer, you are saying then that the Muslim is talking about the same Jesus,
but he made a false statement about the same Jesus, so you would then offer up the
correct story (maybe even find proofs in the OT as well).

Well my claim is that Islam and Christianity are talking ABOUT the same God, same stories, etc, yet only one is correct while the other is wrong. By saying Islam has a totally different God, then their stories don’t exactly conflict with the Bible, but simply has nothing to do with it.

[quote]You also say “I do not agree with Islam one bit,” are you sure?



The implication in saying that is that you do not believe either that there is only One God.


Then don’t say “I do not agree with Islam one bit” if there is in fact such a bit.

Who cares? Jesus does.Rather: Who cares if Christians know that is not the case.
The Muslims do not know. What are you like “Whatever” when a Muslim accuses
you of worshiping three gods? That is not the Gospel.

We have to show them otherwise, not dismiss them for their beliefs, but take their beliefs, show the error in them, then point Muslims in the correct direction. So you lose sleep over what Islam says of Christianity, that’s no excuse.

Well first, “some Arab in the 6th century said…”, Don’t pretend to know what Muhammad was thinking. He was wrong, but don’t do that. Who knows why he did what he did, maybe the Devil manifested to Muhammad, maybe he wanted to help the tribes get together (and the Devil played a hidden role), maybe he was just a evil cult leader, who really KNOWS? You don’t, that’s who DOESN’T.
And don’t mock the Adhan, because aside from the Muħammadan-Rasulullah part, it is a very beautiful call, plus that is ONLY you being bitter. The fact that some Muslims cry out to others to prayer time is not an issue of faith, you just find it annoying, so shame on you for mocking them on that basis.

I believe Muslims believe in the same God as us. Likewise, I believe that Jews believe in the same God. However, they lack full understanding. They reject the Trinity, obviously they are in error. Muslims only see Christ as a prophet not as the Son of God and one of the three Divine Persons of the Triune God. At least Muslims accept Christ which is more than do the Jews.

It’s my understanding Muslims believe in Mary. What I don’t actually know is how they view Her. Again, the Jews don’t even acknowledge Her existence. Neither of these faiths see her as Theotokos.

The Y chromosome came from the Spirit of God (Holy Spirit) in both Christianity and Islam. We have a reason for this, Jesus being born of God, born of His Spirit and a woman making Him completely God and completely human at the same time. The reason for Jesus being born of a virgin and the Holy Spirit is theologically known in Christianity. In Islam, it’s another miracle of Allah bearing no theological reasoning. Allah did it because he did it. That’s it.

Therefore in Islam, Jesus is not the “Son of God” as He claimed but is rather just a regular man born miraculously… just because.

At worst it is a picture of Jesus that distorts and leads people away from him to an idol which offers nothing in return. Muslims are just as bi-polar on thier opinion as to whether or not they worship the same God as Christians as Christians are. Some say we have the same God (usually muslim apologists use this tactic) and some say the Christians worship falsely (and that seems to me to be right according to islam).

It seems impossible that Islam and Christianity can say we each have each other’s God when they mutually exclude the other.

Both Christianity and Islam claim the God of Abraham, but that is not to say that both
actually have each other’s God, that’s the reality of it all. Islam claims, believes, and in-
tend their worship towards the God of Abraham, but that is not to say that they are cor-
rect. We can’t push Muslims away because they believe differently. We Christians have
a responsibility to gain them as converts whilst they are still in the Abrahamic Family.

Amen. I do not believe they worship the Christian God

So because they claim the abrahamic God we should consider them of Abraham? I don’t think so, there is no abrahamic family other than israel and Israel is the church.

I don’t believe it is accurate to label God as Christian or Muslim or Jewish or what have you. There is only one God who has created all. What is different is the way we view God and worship him. Our expectations and understanding of God may differ, but God remains the God of all since he is the creator and father of all. I can admit that the God we all worship is one, but this doesn’t mean our visions of God are the same or approach the truth in uniformity. I believe the vision of the Father which Jesus presented us through his life and ministry and ultimately his death and resurrection is the greatest understanding of God we can have this side of the beatific vision. It is not a vision shared by our Muslim or Jewish brothers and sisters, but this doesn’t make God a different God.

Like all religions, there is some truth to what Muslims believe. But only the Catholic Church has the fullness of a truth.

Take an example from St. Paul. When converting the Greeks, he did not tell them that they were completely wrong. He found a shrine of theirs to the unknown god, and after inquiring about him, he taught that the Christians worshipped the same God.

No we don’t. They are the ones who need to prove that we did, since they came afterwards.

I did not say Muslims are of Abraham, though it is an important point to make that
traditionally, the Arabs are supposed to be the descendents (or at least people of)
Ishmael, whom God did not forsake in the desert. Does that make Islam correct?
Not at all, but that is missing the point.

I did not say “Because Muslims claim the abrahamic God we should consider Muslims
of Abraham?”, but what I’m saying is that we should not cast them aside and have
nothing to do with them ever on the basis that Islam is nothing like Christianity.

When a Muslims says “Jesus wasn’t Crucified”, the Christian who says he believes
in a different Jesus should have no real reason to correct the Muslim, because they
are talking about two different Jesuses, Christian is right on his Jesus, Muslim cor-
rect on his as well, and there is no reasonable chance to share the Gospel.

If, however, the Christian accepts the idea that the Muslim believes in the same Jesus,
but the Muslim said Jesus wasn’t crucified, NOW the Christian has a common ground
to work with the Muslim and there is indeed hope for sharing the Gospel.

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