Do clerics have the right to own private property?

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as per the cannon law chapter III cc. No-273 to 289, informed about the RIGHTS/OBLIGATIONS OF the PRIEST/CLERICS.

Hence kindly inform me, the Priest/Clerics have the right, thereby they can own the movable property or immovable property in his name?

if they own in their name can they get permission for thier Higher Authority/BISHOP?

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Clerics who belong to a religious order or institute, the term that canon law now uses, have made a vow of poverty and are not allowed to technically own anything. If their religious superiors allow them to have a checking account, it ordinarily must be in the name of their religious institute.

Diocesan clergy do not make a vow of poverty and may own private property. But even the owning of such property is subject to the authority of their ordinary. For example, I know of an archdiocese where the diocesan clergy are not allowed to own their automobiles. All automobiles belong to the archdiocese. Even diocesan clergy are encouraged to live a simple life style in keeping with the poverty with which their Lord lived.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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