Do convents accept volunteers?

I’ve been looking for a while for a way to volunteer and help out the community. Being physically disabled, my ability to work a regular schedule is compromised but I want to do something to feel useful. I was praying at our local convent of cloistered Dominican nuns and it dawned on me that they may need some type of help. I have the email address but I’m a little hesitant and I don’t want to be too forward. Seeing as they are a contemplative community I don’t even know if they need or accept outside help. I’m not looking for any type of recognition, I would just like to maybe once or twice a week help out their ministry in some way maybe computer work, running errands, cleaning. Does anyone know if communities like this accept or welcome outside volunteers. Also I’m a little nervous as to what to say and how to say it if I do email them.

Just ask. The worst they can say is just no. I am sure they will find something for you to help out with. Peace

Try closer to home, your parish can certainly use volunteers!

This is actually where I attend Mass regularly.

There are 3 Convents here that run either hospitals, aged and care homes, or a group of projects.
They are all very grateful for extra hands. So are the staff. Its a matter of contacting the Volunteer co ordinator and going from there. Pastoral Care first point of contact would be the volunteer co ordinator too.

Here, and I imagine the world over now , given safe environments and the Vulnerable policies, you will need different background checks. The organisation should do that though.

Don’t let a disability stop you.

If you can’t find any services they run , send an E-mail. Do let them know your disability so it can be accommodated from the outset.
There are also organisations run through your Parish that might want Volunteers. For example teaching , reading, visiting,

Best of luck!

yes, religious orders do often need volunteers.

I am not sure about a contemplative community of cloistered nuns but religious sisters who are more active in ministry definite want others to help.

but by all means, ask the order you are thinking of. maybe there is something you could help with for them, you never know

Are you able to drive? Many communities appreciate volunteers who are able to drive sisters to doctors’ appointments or other such things. If you can’t drive, perhaps you can read to sisters who can no longer see well, or provide music to them. Companionship is a great gift to those who may be bedridden or unable to get out easily. If you are skilled in a craft or something, offer to teach sisters who might be interested.There are so many communities of sisters in Buffalo. Call several of them–tell them what you are able to do and see who responds.

Good luck, that sounds lovely. Do it, e mail them, it’s worth asking. I am also disabled and I got the courage to volunteer in my local parish, not quite the same thing, but similar. I thought they would not have any use for me as there is so much I can’t do… but I have found many things I can do and even made friends in the community. It seems God gives me a helping hand and I am finally useful. :thumbsup:

I emailed the sisters (cloistered nuns have WiFi, whoda thunk it?) and am waiting for a response. To answer the question, yes I can drive (I have equipment that allows me to drive with my hands; a great blessing) . I also am familiar with computer applications and web design (have a degree). Other skills involve singing, piano (I cantored for a few years) cooking, cleaning, diverse interests. I’m one of those people who knows a little about a lot of things as opposed to a lot about few things. I hope they can put me to use. :slight_smile:

You have a lot of skills and a lot to offer. If the cloistered sisters don’t seem to have a need, then continue to ask around–call the Felicians, the Mercys, the Josephites, the Grey Nuns, the Franciscans…

Oh–and LOTS of cloistered communities have wifi!

I am sure they will be able to use you. You have loads of skills. Good luck

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