Do d&c' go against Catholic teaching?

I’m passionately Catholic. I’m currently having a missed miscarriage. Two weeks ago, at 8 weeks, emy baby had no heartbeat. I choose to miscarry naturally. Two weeks later & I’ve still not miscarried so I asked for another ultrasound. No growth in my child & still no heartbeat. Is it wrong, at this point, to request a d&c? It will become a mute point (if I still haven’t miscarried in two more weeks) because I run the risk of severe infection. I have two young children already.

If fetal death has occurred then it is morally permissible to remove the remains from the uterus. If your doctor believes that a D&C is the best medical procedure for your situation then it is perfectly acceptable.

You are in my prayers during this difficult time for you and your family…

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