do demons fight each other

do they have a fight in which one gets to tempt someone and the winner gets to do it or do they rome around in groups attacking people like a gang attack

You may be attributing too many human characteristics to demons! Not even sure they have corporeal bodies!

Enroll in Catechism classes.

Yes, demons can and do fight each other. We know this because they do in Doom.

I’ll bet they fight each other. Not only do they hate us, they most likely hate each other.

We’re actually positive of this.

btw, love the “Doom” reference!:thumbsup:

Forgive me, but, this thread and the last, suggest you have a disordered interest in the demonic. It’s dangerous to do so.

Let it go and turn the focus of your intention on Jesus Christ.


I don’t think demons are even capable of doing anything other than hate. All the good we get from God has been taken from them. That’s why it is so foolish when people say that they won’t mind hell so much because some friends and relatives will be there too. If they are even cognizant there of people they knew in life, they will most likely hate those souls the most and blame them for helping them get there by deed or omission.

You are right. I once saw a video by Fr. Ripperger on Hell. It was absolutely terrfiying. He points out that, as far as any soul in Hell can recognize another relative from Earth, they would hate them intensely. Souls in Hell are not merely like souls on Earth except with great suffering. They are completely different people now in that they can only hate and suffer. There is no friendship, no love, no goodness —even toward their fellow damned. It’s all hate, suffering, malice, constant fear, and constant confusion.

Pray daily for the conversion of sinners, especially on the eve of Divine Mercy Sunday.

No I doubt they fight each other but maybe they do attack in hordes when they come across someone pious.

Fr Gabriel Amorthe, retired official Exorcist of The Vatican has written three books on exorcisms.

He states the Bible says the demons used to be angels, that.they have hierarchies, some are stronger some are weaker (Jesus had to tell the apostles that some demons can only be cast out by prayer and fasting), some bring others with them (such as the man in the Bible called Legion),

Because hell and those in it are devoid of goodness, the demons all hate each other,

Fr Gabriel said he experienced in exorcisms that a weaker demon would refuse to leave a person because it was being kept there by a more powerful demon and would be punished by that more powerful demon if it left.
(persistent prayer provided breakthroughs of God delivering the person)

Such negative talk isn’t of Jesus :slight_smile:
The focus is on God, Jesus responded to the apostles mention that the Name of Jesus healed the sick and cast out demons,

Jesus replied, “I saw Satan fall from Heaven like lightning,” (basically saying Yes God is the most powerful and will always win),
“Rejoice not that the demons leave at My Name, but rejoice rather that your names are written in Heaven.”

Focus on God and His goodness!!!

They are naturally hierarchical because their nature was created in this way.

They are voluntary slaves of Satan. Then we can deduce they have a kind of militar relationship among them but actually they hate themselves and anyone else. All in all the will of Satan rules the Hell and its inhabitants.

Satan is the highest demon and the others must fear him a lot.

That’s why God used a lower rank angel to defeat him. And that’s why he hates Mary so much (the first prophecy is about Satan being defeated by Mary).

Satan was defeated by an archangel and a woman.

But don’t fool yourself he’s very powerful and totally evil and every Christian must pray for deliverance from him. That’s all we need to know about him.

Satan does not ‘rule’ hell in any way shape or form, hell was created specifically as their place of punishment, suggesting that hell is ruled and ordered implies that God just gave satan and the demons a domain of their own.

And keep in mind, satan is very powerful only because God permits him to be so. The church says it is a complete mystery why God allows this, so I doubt human reasoning could speculate about it.

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