Do Dogs Go to Heaven? And More! [Akin]

In this episode of Catholic Answers Live (July 11, 2017, 1st hour), Jimmy answers the following questions:

0:15 What are some of Cy’s favorite books?

2:30 What’s significant about John Paul II’s book “Crossing the Threshold of Hope”? (Hint: One thing is that he basically revealed the Third Secret of Fatima in it!)

4:50 Did Joseph Ratzinger ghostwrite many of John Paul II’s writings?

6:35 How to find hidden treasures in John Paul II’s and Benedict XVI’s Wednesday audiences.

11:50 How to respond to the challenge that Catholicism is false because it bases its teachings on things other than the Bible–the word of God.

16:00 What is the new path that Pope Francis has instituted for people becoming saints?

25:17 – What are some early church sources about the immaculate conception?

31:26 – Can a pope be a heretic personally?

33:40 – What is the earliest evidence for Purgatory?

37:50 – In Acts 11, St. Paul says his proof for the Gentiles in the Church is that the Holy Spirit falls on them. Is this analogous to the Holy Spirit working in other churches today?

44:06 – What are we supposed to be doing in the afterlife?

46:30 – How do we define grace? Someone told me we merit grace, but we also receive initial grace free of merit. So what are the different kinds of grace, where are some places we can find them in the Bible?

54:55 – Can a non-baptized person, who’s married to a Catholic, receive a Catholic funeral and burial?

57:50 – Do dogs go to Heaven?

Resources Mentioned:

The Drama of Salvation*by Jimmy Akin

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Please, don’t get me started on the do animals go to heaven question.



If my beloved pets are not going to heaven , then
I’m not going either. ::mad:

God can make anything happen.

(Cats are more likely to be there).

Eternal bliss would be so pure and intense that one wouldn’t desire animals to be there (IMO).

Either way, sticking up cute pictures of puppies, is not going to make it any more likely.

As if this were a topic needing yet one more thread…when they are already legion.



People love and thank God for their pets.
I never get tired of talking about this topic. :slight_smile:

A loving God would not leave beloved animal companions out of His plan for eternity. I have confidence in Jesus to care for all of my deceased pets and if I am lucky enough to go to Heaven I expect quite the animal welcoming committee.



You know it! :wink: :smiley:

I can say that IF our Holy Father does indeed allow special dogs in heaven, then my Rhodesian Ridgeback is absolutely in His company right now.
My dog was particularly spectacular in many ways. She absolutely understood over 232 words and what each word meant or represented. But above all she was a most faithful companion, friend, protector, and family member.

I can never presume to know the will of God, and I’d never ever say-- if he is a just God–my dog will go to heaven.
What I would say is, that since I recognize my Fathers love and care and presence in each and every tiny thing of nature, that I feel fairly certain that even IF my dog won’t be heaven, I’m OK with that. I’m ok with that because the awesome loving GOD I know is the kind of Father that would most likely reserve a very special place for the dogs and other animals that have given so much of themselves to their companions/owners; , have loved and shown patience and forgiveness & obedience.

So whether or not my most special dog is in heaven (and I hope she is) is not a concern of mine because I KNOW how much myFather loves me and How much he loves and cares and provides for EVERY tiny little ving thing…so I can trust Him to know the very best place for my wonderful companion. And whatever our Father chooses is perfect. And much better than anything I could ever imagine.
So I will trust my gracious and loving Father to KNOW the best place for my beloved companion animal.
And that makes me comfortable to trust my Father will do as He sees fit. And that is acceptable and good. And great. And I have no worry or concern because He has a plan I cannot know right now. Except I know HIS plan is better than anything I could ask for myself.

An excellent example of someone making God in their own image.

If you achieve salvation and spend eternity totally immersed in the infinite love of God, is that not enough for you?

I absolutely love my cats. I had Irish Setters who were like my first children.
I most definitely would not trade eternal life for them. If they show up there, great. But as a theological issue, it’s baffling that people can love animals more than their friends and family.
Jesus’ face is the one I long to see. My pets were beautiful and wonderful. I loved them. I have lost them. So be it. Plenty of animals needing homes. We continue to be merciful to God’s creatures.



People choose to go to hell by murdering, committing adultery, robbing banks,having wild sex…but you choose hell over a pet!!! :eek:

Like I said, I have confidence in Jesus. Perhaps I could go a step further and say that if I am wrong then He will create something even more wonderful for the animals that showed His love to humans and taught humans lessons on earth, as Faithful Seeker said. Either way, I trust Him, and that makes me not particularly care what any other human on the Internet or in person has to say about the matter. I’ve already heard it all, and discussed this in great detail during my prayers, and no longer worry about it.

Well, it’s not something that the Church teaches

This is why these threads end badly. it is called “Catholic Answers”.

People need to understand the deeper issues in this.

It’s open to interpretation, sure. But we don’t need to make sweeping statements either way.


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