Do dogs go to hell when they die?

Some years ago when I was in catholic grade school my family pet died and I was quite sad. The pastor at our church and I talked a little and I shared with him why I was sad, and then I asked him will my beloved pet be in heaven waiting for me. He told me that my pet did not have a soul so therefore it would not be in heaven but in hell. I was mortified at the time and never wanted to ask this priest anything again when I was sad.

I have often wondered about this though over the years. Since God created all the animals, I would think that he would have love for them. And since God is all about love, I think this is fitting.

So my question though is where do all the animals go when they die?


I don’t know what the good Father was thinking of. Animals do not have rational minds and cannot sin. They along with plant life have mortal souls; souls that die. They don’t go anywhere. We have immortal souls; souls that will live forever in heaven or in hell. So often people want their pets to be in heaven with them. God can accommodate them in this if He so chooses.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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