Do evangelical groups ever try to infiltrate catholic groups.

Not to be paranoid or given to conspiracy, but I’ve always wondered if Evangelical groups infiltrate catholic groups to recruit members and such. I ask this because in college there was one girl who was involved in our Newman Club, but was also involved in Campus Crusade for Christ and was even a part of their leadership (which I find suspicious since I know that Cru does not accept catholic’s in leadership positions, at least from what i have found). Anyway, we always wondered whether she was put up to this by another group since she was catholic (at least in the sense she was still involved in the group, though she went to both catholic and protestant services), she even led bible studies and would promote them at the Newman Center and Cru meetings.

Anyway do protestant groups ever use this strategy of infiltrating catholic groups to “steal sheep” as it will, or am I just crazy

Evangelists for Christian groups will openly recruit others to their belief system. There is no secret about it and it is very easy to spot a evangelist at a Catholic club or activity.

Thats what i thought, the only reason though I doubt the person I mentioned in this camp is a full fledged evangelist is because she still sees herself as catholic. To be honest i think she’s more of a misguided soul who thinks religion doesn’t matter but its jesus and is therefore okay with catholicism.

I don’t think necessarily, it would be a bad thing for any Christian to infiltrate a Catholic group…what a great way to turn the tables around and let them share the Catholic treasures of grace we receive through the reception of the Sacraments. Jesus HImself said that the way others would know we were His disciples is how we love one another…another words, the proof is in the loving not in isolating ourselves. Don’t get me wrong, it’s good to band together for Catholic support, friendship and camraderie, but I think it’s also good to show hospitality and good will to others, especially like minded Christians.

If I tell you the answer to this question, I’ll have to kill you.

Some Catholics who become evangelicals do see themselves as remaining Catholic in part in order to witness to others. This is a position often criticized by fundamentalists.

But what you have to understand that evangelicalism isn’t a denomination–it’s a broad movement whose members belong to many different churches. An evangelical who is doing what I’m describing doesn’t have the goal of persuading other Catholics to leave the Catholic Church and join some other church, but of helping them come to a “personal relationship with Jesus.”

I have no reason to believe that any Protestant church deliberately plants people in Catholicism in order to win proselytes for their particular church.

There are fundamentalists who think that Catholics are infiltrating their churches. What appears to happen in these cases is that some Catholics join fundamentalist churches without entirely buying into the fundamentalists’ anti-Catholic views (in other words, they join fundamentalist churches for the same reasons other ex-Catholics join evangelical or mainline churches–the fellowship, the lack of insistence on certain doctrines they don’t believe in, the greater emphasis on Bible study, the livelier worship, whatever). Such people appear to be regarded with suspicion in many fundamentalist churches–if they were “real Christians,” of course they would agree that Catholics worship idols and eat a “death cookie” and so on. . . . :mad:



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