Do Franciscans get vacations?


I’ve always been attracted to religious life, but I was wondering- how much time do the religious get to visit with friends and family?
I currently work in youth ministry, and have about a month of (unpaid) vacation a year that I use to visit friends in disparate places around the country. Obviously I know most people don’t get a whole month every year to just do what they want, but maintaining all those relationships is important to me, and I worry that would be an obstacle to religious life.


Depending on the specific order, you might not visit anyone in your novitiate year. after that maybe a couple weeks a year. The thing is, in religious life, the community becomes your family and has priority


Thanks for your work with the youth. You are lucky to have a month off and it would be rare for a priest to get that much time off. Are you praying for the Lord to tell you what he wants? Also, ask others to pray. It is said a fool knows the cost of everything but the value of nothing. I work in youth ministry as a volunteer.
Youth today need good confessors. Whatever you are ask to give up will be replaced many times with other joys. Private message me if you want to discuss. :pray::prayer_beads::pray::prayer_beads:


Don’t know about Franciscans. I attend church at a Benedictine monastery, and last week I went to confession to my usual confessor. A different priest was in the confessional and when I mentioned, or asked, where Father Dan was, Father Adams replied that Dan was taking some “family leave” time. So, I know on order does.


That’s why the religious life is such a sacrifice. It’s a big decision to make.


Two of my priest friends in religious life go to their home parishes (parents area) for vacations. They celebrate Mass there and hear confessions while the parish priest goes on vacation. :sweat_smile: Vacation is also regulated in national laws for every worker and that means priests and deacons as well. One of them baptises his relatives and if they are old enough for marriage, officiates their marriage. That in combination to doing the annual retreat, meet the superior of their order if they are in another country or diocese, Liturgy of the Hours etc.

Another priest heard his friend´s confessions when they were hiking in the Alps sitting on a mountain top. Can’t get more privacy than that :rofl:

Yet another one writes his “heavy to carry and much brain user Philosophy and Theology books” during his vacation.


Some of the Brothers I know from the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal UK are always away when I try ringing them, they spend a lot of time in the Bronx training


I imagine it depends on what kind of religious life you are called to. Remember this is not about what you want it is about what God wants. Read Mark 10:17-31 this might apply to you if you change the money to people. God often calls us to give up what we are most attached to in life for our own good and the good of others. It is up to you whether you follow or not. You should first discern religious life and if you do have that calling, follow it. Try very hard not to worry about whether or not you see these people or how they are to feature in your life. Believe me if you put your trust in God completely, His generosity will astound you. He certainly gives us what we need in life, but what I have come to realise over time is that He often also gives us so much more if we are patient. I can only say that I frequently find myself getting overwhelmed by His generousity. Remember God knows you better than you know yourself and loves you better than you love yourself and He knows your thirst for these people so if you are to give them up for Him even for just a time, He will make it worth your and their while in grace. This is the loving-kindness of the heart of our God.

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