Do Guardian Angels go to Purgatory with the Souls?

My husband and I were wondering if a Guardian Angel goes to Purgatory with the Soul and if yes what role does he play. Does Guardian Angel relieve the suffering of the Soul in any way?

The Angel doesn’t experience Purgatory, but the saints do tell us that they relieve the suffering and intercede for the soul. In particular, the saints speak of St Michael’s visits, and that ‘he’ accompanies the soul to heaven. Certanly it would comfort the soul to have the loving, prayerful presence of one’s angel.

Sounds good to me, but what is your source on that?:confused:

The source is private revelation of various saints that have had visions of purgatory or were taken there and from some of the souls of purgatory themselves who have revealed these details to various saints in personal messages and encounters. The church has no official position or dogma in this area.


Mr. Reginald Plum answered this question in his own endearing way here:

I recall a painting someplace of an angel sitting sadly at the gates of Purgatory, waiting for the soul he was assigned to come out.

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