Do humans have any ability that does not come directly from God?

I say no. All thanks goes to God.

LOVE! :heart:

Well…the devil did hijack God’s creation and perverted any ability that man had from God. We can do nothing without God, but he does not consent to sinful attitude. We have the ability to say no to God, though he does not like or condone it, he accepts it, in virtue of free will.

Sure. God gave us a soul directly. But our experience of the world and our knowledge has been acquired through seconday causes.


We have the ability (or disability) to be tempted by sin and to commit sin, which puts our will contrary to G-d’s Will. According to Jewish thought, however, this too comes from G-d. The sinful person who repents may even be dearer to G-d than they were before they sinned. G-d created all, including evil, for a purpose and HaSatan is, as well, a creation and servant of G-d’s.

You can use Adonay, or Lord, for it is the Jewish way of addressing Him, who is Elohim ehad. Is it not? Be blessed by Him in all the days of your life! :wink:

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