Do I always have to forgive people?


Taken from today’s meditation from “In Conversation With God” by Fr. Francis Fernandez, Opus Dei Prelature

Although we should endeavour to sanctify our bodies at all times, now especially, during the Lenten fasts, you should perfect yourselves through … forgive offences - and stop complaining about those who have done you some harm.

– St. Leo the Great


Let us forgive always with a smile on our lips. Let us speak clearly, without hard feelings, when in conscience we think we ought to speak. And let us leave everything in the hands of our Father God, with a divine silence - ‘Jesus was silent’ (Matt 26:63) - if we are confronted with personal attacks, no matter how brutal and shameful they may be.

– St. Josemaría Escrivá


You can forgive them but to be honest, if it’s at the point you say it is, forget him.

Better yet, offer a candle for him at a church!


You forgive them, even though it’s hard. Forgiveness is a beautiful thing not only for the person you are forgiving but also for you. I try to forgive everyone who has made me angry or hurt me.

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