Do I become Catholic for my boyfriend's sake?

I have been dating a guy for four months now and am head over heels. The root of all our problems, and why he sometimes wonders why he is with me, all starts at the fact that he is such a strong Catholic (though tends to sin often). I was never really brought up with any type of religion, though am very open-minded. In my own opinon, there are a few things about the religion that I am learning that I really disagree with. Though there are others that interest me, and the fact to know that there might be a reason why things happen, and someone or something to lean against when you need … Do I just say forget it, or do I keep up with the questions, and him going back and forth from wanting to be a good Catholic, to sinning a lot? Please help! (Thank you.)

You cannot become Catholic for your boyfriend’s sake. You cannot violate your conscience for anyone’s sake, especially on so grave a matter as following what you understand God to require of you. As you are apparently amenable to learning about Catholicism, what you can do is to investigate Catholicism and see if your difficulties with the Catholic faith can be resolved satisfactorily. If your questions are answered and you find that you have been given the grace of belief in the Catholic faith, then you can convert to the Catholic Church. Your relationship with your boyfriend can be a spur to investigate Catholicism, but it can never be the reason for conversion. Only your own firm belief in Catholicism can be the basis of your conversion.

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