Do i commit a sin


Well when I was at my Grandfather’s house for Christmas my First cousin heather came by.She was a little loopy when she came to the house but since a few months ago she was in rehab(for painkiller abuse) I thought she had gotten out and was drug. I Assumed she was drunk. I gave her 20 dollars(against my dad’s objections saying she would use it for drugs, but pointed out that he wastes money on cigarettes).Then I found out she had stolen 40$ from me personally and stole 5 gift cards from the families. What I’m trying to say is if she buys drugs with the money I gave her Would I have committed the sin of having any part in drugs?


I would double check, but it doesn’t sound like you intended to give her money for drugs

Though the part where you did it against your father’s wishes is probably the most unclear part, why did you give her money


I was trying to be nice Since it seems the rest of the family hates her.


I think you have to have the intention of funding drugs (it doesn’t sound like you did) but you should talk to your priest


I’m not Catholic yet but plan to Convert when I go to college


Talk to a priest at a parish nearby, he will help you. Pray for your family and [size=]especially pray the rosary.[/size]


this is clearly a case of double effect at worst.

Be at peace, you had no intent to commit sin.
You were trying to be helpful and you cannot control her actions.

If you still have doubts explain them at confession and be done with this act.

Now that you know, offer to help her in other ways. I had a neighbor that was an alcoholic, always needed a $5 for this or $20 for that… no car. SO I did two things… I went and bought him a public transit pass for Christmas (no I couldn’t really afford it, but they are non-transferable and he couldn’t refuse a Christmas present :smiley: ) and whenever we had left-overs or grilled outside I’d offer these to him. When he asked for money, I told him that these were the ways I could help because I was in college and needed the money to pay for tuition and that I was concerned that he would would use the money to purchase alcohol and drink himself to death one evening. Was he upset with me… sure. Did he take the transit pass… yep, and he went down to the bar and got drunk (double effect)… got back on the bus and came home… at least he wasn’t driving.:shrug:


You did not do anything wrong, but in the future, since she seems to use and take advantage of people, I would not give her anything else but a ride to rehab.


Frankly, if your father told you not to give her money because she would use it to buy drugs you should have listened and obeyed him.


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