Do I confess mortal sin more than once?

I am a recently converted Catholic (3 years). When I was going through the RCIA process I had my first reconciliation. At that time I confessed a mortal sin. At the time of confession I was a miserable mess of tears because I was saying it out loud and then because the priest was so comforting in his words of forgiveness. I have never felt such relief as I did that day. It really changed my life. However this sin is something I continue to struggle with the guilt. I find it difficult to believe that one time of discussing this sin is enough. Should I continue to confess this sin?

thank you

Dear Friend,

Don’t project your feelings of inadequacy on God. He has the ability to forgive any sin. His forgiveness does not depend on your ability to forgive yourself. Welcome home!

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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